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Alinco DJ-CRX1

HT Alinco DJ-CRX1 is a professional class HT with complete features. This HT operates in the frequency range 136-174 MHz. Has 200 programmable-channels. Alinco DJ-CRX1/HandHeld The Alinco DJ-CRX1 is the newest HandHeld radio from the ALINCO brand. The radio has a good feature.

  • Frequency: VHF 136-174Mhz
  • Channel capacity: 200 channels
  • Channel spacing: 25KHz (wideband), 12.5KHz (narrowband)

Product Description

Alinco DJ-CRX1

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HT Alinco DJ-CRX1 is a handheld communication device that offers reliability and high performance. With HT VHF frequencies ranging from 136 to 174MHz, this device provides optimal performance in a variety of environments, be it in urban areas or large open areas.

Semi-Duplex dualband V/V, FM broadcast receiver

The DJ-CRX1 offers a Semi-Duplex dualband V/V feature, which allows you to receive and transmit two channels simultaneously. This feature is very useful in situations where you need to monitor two channels simultaneously. Plus, this HT is also equipped with an FM broadcast receiver, so you can listen to your favorite radio broadcasts when you are not communicating.

Alinco DJ-CRX1 HT Battery

With a standard 1800mAh HT Alinco DJ-CRX1 Li-Ion battery, the DJ-CRX1 can operate for more than 12 hours. This ensures that you have a long enough communication time, even under intensive use.

Fast Charger

This HT is accompanied by a fast charger that can charge an empty battery in just 4 hours. This ensures that your HT is always ready to use whenever you need it.

Selective Calling Feature

DJ-CRX1 is equipped with various selective calling features; 51 CTCSS, 1024 DCS, 4 Tone-burst tones, and DTMF/ANI decode. This gives you greater flexibility in communicating and organizing groups.

Radio Stun/Kill/Revive function

This feature provides extra protection for the security of your communications. With this function, you can disable or re-enable the radio remotely, giving you more control over radio usage.

Large Alphanumeric LCD Display

Equipped with a large and bright alphanumeric LCD display, you can easily view channel information and other operations. Additionally, the backlit buttons make it easier for you to operate the radio in low-light environments.

Built-in VOX

With a built-in VOX (Voice Operated Exchange) feature, this HT allows hands-free operation, meaning you can communicate without needing to press the PTT (Push-to-Talk) button.

200 Programmable Channels

With 200 programmable channels, you have plenty of options to organize and manage your channels.

3 Output Power Options

You can choose between 3 power output options (5W, 2W, or 1W) to ensure that you always have the optimal connection according to your conditions and needs.

Additional Functions of Alinco DJ-CRX1

DJ-CRX1 is also equipped with various other features such as BCLO, DTMF Autodialer, Reverse, Talk-around, and TOT, all of which give you greater control and flexibility in communicating.

Features Alinco DJ-CRX1

  • Up to 12 hours of operation time with standard 1800 mAh Li-Ion battery pack
  • Battery fast charging
  • 51 CTCSS, 1024 DCS,4 Toneburst tones and DTMF tones
  • Radio stun/kill/revive function for communication safety protection
  • Large, bright LCD display, Alphanumeric Name
  • Built-in VOX
  • 200 channels (programmable channels)
  • 3 selectable output power 5/2/1W
  • FM broadcasting receiver
  • BCLO,
  • DTMF Autodialer,
  • Reverse,Talkaround,TOT functions!

Spesifikasi Alinco DJ-CRX1

Frequency VHF 136-174Mhz
Channel capacity 200 channel
Channel spacing 25KHz (wide band), 12.5KHz (narrow band)
Phase locked step 0.1Khz
Operation voltage 7.4V DC
Battery life More than 12 hours (1800mAh)
Frequency stability 2.5ppm
Operation temperature -20C~+55C
Size 118 x 61 x 40 mm (with battery pack)
Power output 5W
Modulation 16K F3E, 11K F3E
Adjacent channel power >=65dB, >=60
Hum & Noise >=40dB, >=40dB
Spurious Emission <=-36dB, <=-36dB
Audio distortion
Sensitivity (12dB SINAD) <=0.25uV, <=0.35uV
Adjacent channel selectivity >=65dB, >=60dB
Intermodulation >=60dB, >=60dB
Spurious rejection >=70dB, >=70dB
Hum & Noise >=45dB, >=40dB
Audio distortion <=5%


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Accessories Included

Antena VHF SMA Female
Alinco EDC-202 Desktop Charger
Alinco EDC-190E Adaptor Charger
Belt Clip
Buku Manual

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