Computrac MAX 5000XL Moisture, Solids and Ash Analyzer

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Product Description

Computrac MAX 5000XL Moisture, Solids and Ash Analyzer

The Computrac MAX 5000XL moisture, solids and ash analyzer can provide accurate readings for both moisture and ash from a single sample, offering many of the same features of thermogravimetric analyzers at a fraction of the cost. With a maximum temperature of 600°C and a maximum sample size of 100 grams, the MAX 5000XL has the versatility to a wide range of material testing tasks.

Features Computrac MAX 5000XL Moisture, Solids and Ash Analyzer

High Temperature Testing: The heater of the Computrac® MAX® 5000XL can reach temperatures as high as 600ºC, giving it the ability to perform both loss on drying (LOD) and loss on ignition (LOI) testing and making it an ideal alternative to expensive, thermogravimetric analyzers.

Rugged Construction: Equipped with a ruggedly designed metal casing and a high temperature heater, the MAX 5000XL is designed to provide lab quality data whether it is in the lab or on the production floor.

Versatile: The MAX 5000XL is able to test material up to 100 times faster than standard reference methods and is ideal for everything from plastics and pharmaceuticals to foods, biomass materials and more.

Flexible Ending Criteria: User adjustable ending criteria help to optimize test results and performance for your unique application or material.

Real-Time Results: The MAX 5000XL offers simple, menu-driven operation and a user programmable interface with a keypad and large color display that allows users to view real-time moisture curve and rate of moisture loss graphs during testing.

Multistage Testing: Several tests can be linked in order to form a single, multistage test that can change temperatures, ending criteria and times between each test segment. This allows the instrument to test for moisture, solids and ash content with a single sample.

Self-Cleaning Oven: The oven of the MAX 5000XL features a self-cleaning cycle that simplifies routine maintenance. It runs for 45 minutes at 550ºC.

Web Server: The optional web server allows users to monitor tests remotely and check in with operators. It also lets users download results and calibration reports, view the audit log and transfer programs between instruments.


Get an accurate readings for both ash and moisture content from a single sample.


Moisture and ash readings in half an hour or less.


One-button operation with no intermediate weighing or cooling steps required.


Made in the USA with an all-steel enclosure, the MAX 5000XL was designed for heavy duty use.


Correlates to popular methods, including ASTM D5630, ASTM D4574, ASTM E1534 and more.

ASTM & Regulatory Compliance

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant (optional): Meet regulatory compliance standards for pharmaceutical and medical device companies
ASTM D6980-12:
 Standard Test Method for Determination of Moisture in Plastics by Loss in Weight (MAX® 4000XL and MAX® 5000XL)
ASTM D7232-06: Standard Test Method for Rapid Determination of the Nonvolatile Content of Coatings by Loss in Weight (MAX® 4000XL and MAX® 5000XL)
ASTM C471M-16: Standard Test Methods for Chemical Analysis of Gypsum and Gypsum Products (Metric)

It also correlates well with popular methods, including: ASTM D5630, ASTM D4574, ASTM E1534, and more.

Specifications Computrac MAX 5000XL Moisture, Solids and Ash Analyzer

Moisture | Solids Range 0.1% to 99.9%
Ash | LOI Range 0.5% to 100%
Moisture Resolution 0.0001%
Balance Resolution 0.0001 g
Moisture Repeatability <5% RSD for samples >10% moisture
Ash Repeatability ≤5% RSD for samples >10% ash
Temperature Range 25°C to 600°C
Heating Element Ceramic
Sample Size 100 mg to 100 g
Results Moisture, Solids, Dry Weight, Ash, LOI
Ending Criteria User adjustable: Prediction, Rate, Time, Reliability and 4 other combinations
Memory Stores up to 250 programs, last 1000 test
results and last 100 graphs
Statistical Analysis Mean, SD, RSD
Balance Calibration Menu driven calibration by the end user;
NIST traceable calibration performed by the manufacturer
Heater Calibration Menu driven, NIST traceable calibration by the end user with optional
Temperature Calibration Kit
Operating Environment 0-35 ºC at <50% RH;
0-30 ºC at <80% RH
Power Requirements 100-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 8A or
220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 4A
Dimensions 18.5” L x 12.7” W x 9.5” H
(47 cm L x 32.3 cm W x 24 cm H)
Weight 31 lbs. (14 kg)
Warranty Two years, factory parts and labor (one year international)
Rear Panel Connections Ethernet, serial port, parallel port
Display 1/4 VGA, 320 x 240 pixel, color
Certifications UL, CE
FCC Part 15, Class A Tested to standards EN55022,
EN 90101-1 Temperature Calibration Interface certified for use
with the MAX® 5000XL



Computrac MAX 5000XL – Datasheet



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