Copley DIS 8000 Dissolution Tester

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Product Description

Copley DIS 8000 Dissolution Tester

The Dissolution Tester DIS 8000 represents the very latest in tablet testing technology. CNC production techniques combined with modern microprocessor design guarantees the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Efficient and extremely compact, the Tablet Dissolution Tester DIS 8000 is a rugged “no-nonsense” unit having eight stirred test vessels and simple, easy to use controls. It is ideal for both R&D and routine quality control applications.

In common with the rest of the series, the DIS 8000 has been specifically designed to reduce clutter and maximise visibility and access in the critical sampling area above the water bath.

All of the DIS series are equipped with precision ground shafts that will accept any of the baskets, paddles or rotating cylinders described in the Pharmacopoeia and are supplied with USP/Ph.Eur. compliant vessels featuring the unique “Easy-Centre” system to ensure that the vessels are perfectly centred every time.

Individual clutches enable each individual basket/paddle to be raised, lowered or engaged independent of the drive head.

Summary Of Key Features


  • Rugged (all metal), compact and easy-to-use
  • Conforms to all current Ph.Eur. and USP specifications
  • User friendly operating procedure via membrane keypad and 4 line LCD screen
  • Screw-in baskets/paddles allow method changes in seconds, with no further adjustments necessary
  • Individual clutches allow each basket/paddle to be raised, lowered and engaged independent of the drive head
  • Uncluttered design allows maximum access to working area
  • 316 stainless steel teflon coated vessel support plate
  • “Easy-Centre” vessel centring system
  • One piece PETG water bath with built-in drain tap – no leaks; easy to remove and clean
  • Independent digital heater/circulator with over-temperature cut-out and indicator. Easily removed for maintenance
  • Full printed test report on completion of the run (user selectable)
  • RS232 bi-directional interface and USB/parallel printer port
  • Menu guided calibration procedure (with printout)


  • Laser numbering, certification and IQ/OQ/PQ documentation
  • Teflon coated baskets/paddles for aggressive media
  • Amber coated UV-Resistant vessels and lids
  • Low evaporation membrane sealed vessel lids
  • Electronic temperature calibration kit


  • The DIS 8000 measures: 650 x 450 x 640 mm (w x d x h)
  • Heater/Circulator measures: 260 x 300 x 150 mm (w x d x h)

Specification Copley DIS 8000 Dissolution Tester :

Inside Diameter 101.19 +/- 0.13 mm
Inside Spherical Radius 50.59 +/- 0.13 mm
Height (Inside Spherical Radius to top) 154.75 +/- 0.50 mm
Flange OD 120.00 +/- 0.50 mm
Flange Thickness 3.50 +/- 0.50 mm
Perpendicularity (Inside Vessel Dia. To Flange Underside 0.50 mm Max



Copley DIS 8000 Dissolution Tester Datasheet



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