Extech AUT500 14 Function Automotive Digital Multimeter

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Product Description

Extech AUT500 14 Function Automotive Digital Multimeter

Automotive Multimeter with Temperature, RPM, Dwell Angle, Duty Cycle and Pulse Width

The Extech AUT500 Automotive Multimeter was designed specifically for automotive technicians, DIYers, and modders who demand a tough meter that’s waterproof and shock resistant. The AUT500 Automotive MultiMeter delivers every multimeter function you need to effectively troubleshoot automotive and fleet electrical and electronic systems. Designed to withstand harsh environments and usage, the meter’s rugged, double-molded housing is IP67-rated (waterproof and dustproof) as well as drop-tested to 6 feet. For shade-tree mechanics or crews doing roadside fleet repairs, using a DMM outdoors during harsh conditions is no longer a concern no matter the weather. Includes the AUT500 Automotive MultiMeter; double-molded test leads; inductive pickup; type K bead wire temperature probe; magnetic hanging strap; 9-volt battery; hard carrying case; operating instructions.

Features Extech AUT500 14 Function Automotive Digital Multimeter

  • RPM measurement using the inductive pickup
  • Duty cycle, pulse width and dwell angle measurement
  • 4000 count backlit LCD
  • Fused current inputs and overload protection on all ranges
  • Data Hold, Relative, and 20A Max Current
  • Includes one 9V battery

Specifications Extech AUT500 14 Function Automotive Digital Multimeter

Function Range Resolution Accuracy
DC Voltage 400mV 0.1mV ±(0.5% reading + 3 digits)
4V 0.001V ±(1.5% reading + 2 digits)
40V 0.01V
400V 0.1V
600V 1V ±(1.8% reading + 2 digits)
AC Voltage 50 to 60Hz
400mV 0.1mV (1.5% reading + 5 digits)
4V 0.001V ±(1.0% reading + 3 digits)
40V 0.01V ±(1.5% reading + 3 digits)
400V 0.1V
600V 1V ±(2.0% reading + 4 digits)
DC Current 400μA 0.1μA ±(1.5% reading + 3 digits)
4000μA 1μA
40mA 0.01mA
400mA 0.1mA
4A 0.001A ±(2.5% reading + 5 digits)
20A 0.01A
AC Current 50 to 60Hz
40mA 0.01mA ±(1.8% reading + 5 digits)
400mA 0.1mA
20A 0.01A ±(3.0% reading + 7 digits)
Resistance 400Ω 0.1Ω ±(1.2% reading + 4 digits)
4kΩ 0.001kΩ ±(1.0% reading + 2 digits)
40kΩ 0.01kΩ ±(1.2% reading + 2 digits)
400kΩ 0.1kΩ
4MΩ 0.001MΩ
40MΩ 0.01MΩ ±(2.0% reading + 3 digits)
Capacitance 4nF 1pF ±(5.0% reading + 50 digits)
40nF 10pF ±(5.0% reading + 7 digits)
400nF 0.1nF ±(3.0% reading + 5 digits)
4μF 1nF
40μF 10nF
400μF 0.1μF
4mF 0.001mF ±(10.0% reading + 10 digits)
40mF 0.01mF
Temp (type-K) -30 to 1000°C 1°C ±(3.0% reading + 5°C or 8°F)
-22 to 1832°F 1°F (probe accuracy not included)
Pulse Width 1.0 to 20.0ms 0.1ms ±(2.0% reading + 20 digits)
Diode 1.0mA test; 1mV resolution ±(5.0% reading + 15 digits)
Continuity Audible threshold: 35Ω Test Current:<1mA DC typical
Frequency 4.000Hz 0.001Hz ±(1.5% reading + 5 digits)
40.00Hz 0.01Hz
400.0Hz 0.1Hz ±(1.2% reading + 2 digits)
4.000MHz 0.001kHz
40.00MHz 0.01kHz
Sensitivity: >5V RMS up to 40MHz and >15 VRMS over 40MHz
Duty Cycle 0.5 to 99.9% 0.10% ±(2.0% reading + 5 digits)
Pulse width: 100µs to 100ms; Frequency: 5Hz to 100kHz; Sensitivity: >5V RMS
RPM 4 (tachometer) 600 to 4000 RPM 1 RPM ±(2.0% reading + 4 digits)
1000 to 12000 x10 RPM 10 RPM
RPM 2/DIS 300 to 4000 RPM 1 RPM
1000 to 6000 x10 RPM 10 RPM
Effective Reading >600V
DWELL ANGLE 4 CYL 0 to 90.0° 0.1° ±(2.0% reading + 4 digits)
5 CYL 0 to 72.0°
6 CYL 0 to 60.0°
8 CYL 0 to 45.0°


Extech AUT500 14 Function Automotive Digital Multimeter Datasheet



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