FLIR C2 Pocket-Sized Thermal Camera (Discontinue)

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Product Description

FLIR C2 Pocket-Sized Thermal Camera

  • The only pocket-sized thermal camera on the market
  • Affordable and suitable for a wide variety of applications
  • MSX technology, video streaming and more


FLIR C2 Pocket-Sized Thermal Camera

Introducing the FLIR C2 – the pocket-sized, affordable thermal camera!

A world first, the C2 is small enough to fit in your pocket but powerful enough to easily spot problems with temperature. This product is ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, ranging from detecting hidden moisture in buildings, finding plumbing defects and spotting overheating electrical components to seeing warm pipes in walls.

This thermal camera is so small, it fits comfortably in a shirt pocket. Using FLIR’s revolutionary Lepton core technology, thermography is gradually becoming more affordable and smaller than ever before, leading to the creation of the C2.

The camera has infrared resolution of 80 x 60 pixels, thermal sensitivity of <0.10°C and field of view of 41 x 31°. A 320 x 240 pixel 3″ LCD touchscreen is built into the camera, allowing easy adjustments to colour palettes, image type and more.

As with all of FLIR’s new cameras, the C2 has built-in multi-spectral dynamic imaging (MSX) technology. This actively blends together a thermal image with a digital image, improving the level of detail significantly and making it easier to determine what the camera was pointing at when the image was taken.

Features FLIR C2 Pocket-Sized Thermal Camera :

  • Pocket-sized portability – the C2 is so small and light, it fits comfortably in a shirt pocket
  • Bright 3″ intuitive touch screen with auto orientation for easy viewing
  • See where you’re going with a built-in LED spotlight or illuminate photos
  • Fully radiometric thermal images can be saved instantly
  • MSX technology – actively blends together thermal and digital images to improve detail
  • 80 x 60 pixel thermal resolution stores 4800 pixels worth of data
  • Wide field of view and high thermal sensitivity
  • Compatible with FLIR Tools software for download into PC
  • Focus-free image capturing
  • Temperature measurement range of -10 to +150°C
  • FLIR’s unique 2-10 warranty included – covering parts and labour for two years and the detector for ten
  • Spotmeter function
  • Internal memory stores up to 500 sets of images
  • Non-radiometric IR video streaming and visual video streaming
  • USB connector for attachment to PC

Specifications FLIR C2 Pocket-Sized Thermal Camera :

Imaging and Optical Data
IR Sensor 80 x 60 (4,800 measurement pixels)
Thermal Sensitivity <0.10°C
Field of View 41 x 31°
Minimum Focus Distance Thermal: 0.15m (0.49ft)
MSX: 1.0m (3.3ft)
Image Frequency 9Hz
Focus Focus-free
Spectral Range 7.5 to 14μm
3″ Display (Colour) 320 x 240 pixels
Auto Orientation Yes
Touch Screen Yes, capacitive
Image Presentation Modes
Types Thermal
Object Temperature Range -10 to +150°C (14 to 302°F)
Accuracy ±2°C (±3.6°F) or 2%, whichever is greater, at 25°C (77°F) nominal
Measurement Analysis
Spotmeter On/off
Emissivity Correction Yes, matte/semi/glossy + user set
Measurement Correction Reflected apparent temperature
Colour Palettes Iron, rainbow, rainbow HC, grey
Storage Media Internal memory stores at least 500 sets of images
Image File Format Standard JPEG, 14-bit measurement data included
Video Streaming
Types Non-radiometric IR
Digital Camera
Type 640 x 480 pixels
Focus Fixed focus
Additional Info
USB Connector Type USB Micro-B: data transfer to and from PC, iOS and Android
Battery 3.7V rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery
Battery Operating Time 2h
Charging System Charged inside the camera
Charging Time 1.5h
External Power Operation AC adapter, 90-260V AC input
5V output to camera
Power Management Automatic shutdown
Operating Temperature Range -10 to +50°C (14 to 122°F)
Storage Temperature Range -40 to +70°C (-40 to 158°F)
Weight (Incl. Battery) 0.13kg (0.29lbs)
Size (L x W x H) 125 x 80 x 24mm (4.9 x 3.1 x 0.94″)



What’s Included?

  • FLIR C2 Pocket Thermal Camera
  • Battery (Inside Camera)
  • Lanyard
  • Power Supply/Charger with EU, UK, US, CN and AU Plugs
  • Printed Getting Started Guide
  • USB Memory Stick with Documentation
  • USB Cable


Jual FLIR C2 Pocket-Sized Thermal Camera dengan harga murah dan berkualitas bergaransi tentunya. dapat di kirim ke seluruh wilayah Indonesia.

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