Flir MR77 Pinless Moisture Psychrometer

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Product Description

Flir MR77 Pinless Moisture Psychrometer

  • Non-invasive and invasive moisture meter
  • Built-in IR thermometer
  • Bluetooth connectivity with FLIR thermal cameras and smartphones

Details Flir MR77 Pinless Moisture Psychrometer

FLIR MR77 Pinless Moisture Psychrometer is a pin and pinless moisture meter and also includes a built-in IR thermometer!

Rugged, feature-packed and suitable for use in any moisture application, the MR77 can be used to carry out completely non-destructive measurements using the pinless moisture sensor or alternatively can use its wired pin probe to carry out invasive measurements below the surface of a material. The wired measurement mode has a external pin probe on a 30″ wire, making it easier to reach difficult applications that other moisture meters wouldn’t be suitable for.

The FLIR MR77 has an integrated, field-replaceable temperature and humidity sensor included as well for evaluating the status of the air in the environment around the tester. Alternatively you can use the built-in infrared (IR) thermometer to measure surface temperature without the need to make direct contact.

All these values can be shown directly on the MR77’s built-in, large-size LCD screen. It’s also possible to transmit this data wirelessly to compatible smartphones and tablets (Android only) and can interface wirelessly with FLIR thermal cameras using METERLiNK technology.

Features Flir MR77 Pinless Moisture Psychrometer

  • Field-replaceable temperature and humidity sensor
  • Built-in IR thermometer allows surface temperature to be measured without contact
  • Measure moisture content without damage using the non-invasive pinless mode
  • Measure below the surface of a material using the pin moisture mode
  • Remote pin-probe allows you to reach difficult applications
  • Large LCD screen shows moisture, humidity and air temperature levels
  • Connect to Android-powered smartphones and tablets using FLIR Tools Mobile app
  • METERLiNK technology built-in allows interfacing between the moisture meter and FLIR thermal cameras
  • Measure in GPP (grains per pound) or GPKG (grains per kilogram)
  • Calculate dew point and condensation point
  • Differential temperature mode
  • Selectable material/wood groups
  • Store and recall testing data
  • MIN/MAX measurements
  • Auto power off when left idle
  • Bright white LED backlight
  • Low battery indicator

Specifications Flir MR77 Pinless Moisture Psychrometer



Basic Accuracy

Pinless Moisture 0 to 99.9 Relative
Pinless Moisture Depth Max 0.75mm (19mm)
Pin Moisture 0 to 99% WME ±5%
Relative Humidity 0 to 99% RH ±2.5% RH
Sensor Temperature -18 to 170°F (-28 to 77°C) ±3.6°F, 2°C
IR Temperature -4 to 392°F (-20 to 200°C) ±3.5%
IR Distance to Spot Ratio 8:1 in
IR Emissivity 0.95 (fixed)
Vapour Pressure 0 to 20.0kPa ±2%

General Information

Bluetooth Range Max 32ft (10m)
Drop Test 6.5ft (2m)
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Certifications CE, FCC


What’s Included:

  • FLIR MR77 Pinless Moisture Psychrometer
  • 9V Battery
  • User Manual/CD
  • Temperature/RH Sensor
  • Wired Pin Probe



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