Fluke 923 Imported Thermal Anemometer

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Product Description

Fluke 923 Imported Thermal Anemometer

Fluke 923 hot wire anemometer is an anemometer that can separate the display. The display and sensor are integrated with infrared communication. When disconnected, wireless communication is used. The farthest display can still accurately read from the sensor 30m. Affect the real-time nature of data and measurement accuracy. The thermal wind speed sensor probe can be telescopic. The save button on the sensor can save the measurement data at any time and support the average calculation of the saved data. As long as the size of the air duct is input, the air volume can be directly displayed; the wind speed alarm value can be set to reach the alarm. Beep vibration alarm after the limit; for more accurate measurement, the instrument also supports atmospheric input.

Features Fluke 923 Imported Thermal Anemometer :

  • Sensor and body wireless split design, using RF wireless communication, the display can be 30m away from the sensor, and can still read in real time; so that the user is no longer subject to the shackles and constraints of the cable.
  • Wind speed measurement range: 0.2m/s-20m/s, resolution 0.01m/s
  • Faster measurement response without waiting
  • Slim telescopic probes are easily used to measure wind speed in pipes and vents
  • Convenient storage button design (can store 99 sets of data), eliminating the cumbersome handwritten record data on site
  • One-click calculation of the average value of the stored flow rate
  • Can set the wind speed alarm value
  • Measure wind speed, air volume, temperature, support atmospheric pressure setting




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