Hanna HI93102 Portable Multiparameter

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Product Description

Hanna HI93102 Portable Multiparameter Turbidity and Ion Specific Meter

The HI93102 is a portable multiparameter meter that measures turbidity, free and total chlorine, cyanuric acid, pH, iodine, bromine, and low range iron. This meter combines accuracy and ease of use in an ergonomic, portable design. A user can accurately determine the turbidity after calibration with AMCO-AEPA-1 standards; determination of free chlorine, total chlorine, cyanuric acid, pH, iodine, bromine, and low range iron is reliable and consistent with the use of ready made reagents.

  • EPA Compliant Turbidity Method
  • Custom Calibration Points
  • Logging Mode

Principle of Operation

When measuring turbidity, the light beam that passes through the sample is scattered in all directions. The intensity and pattern of the scattered light is affected by many variables, such as wavelength of the incident light, particle size and shape, refractive index, and color. The optical system of the HI93102 includes an LED light source and a scattered light detector (90°).


Principle of Operation: Colorimetric Mode

When measuring specific ions in colorimetric mode, a parameter-specific reagent is added to the sample, displaying a color change; the greater the concentration, the deeper the color. The associated color change is then colorimetrically analyzed according to the Beer-Lambert Law. This principle states that light is absorbed by a complementary color, and the emitted radiation is dependent upon concentration. For determination of free and total chlorine, cyanuric acid, pH, iodine, bromine, and low range iron, a narrow band interference filter at 525 nm (green) allows only green light to be detected by the silicon photodetector and omits all other visible light emitted from the light source. As the change in color of the reacted sample increases, absorbance of the specific wavelength of light also increases, while transmittance decreases.


Specification Name Detail
sku HI93102
NTU Range 0.00 to 50.0 NTU*
NTU Resolution 0.01 and 0.1 NTU*
NTU Accuracy ±0.5 NTU* or ±5% (whichever greater)
Free Clorine Range 0.00 to 2.50 mg/L
Total Chlorine Range 0.00 to 3.50 mg/L
Chlorine Resolution 0.01 mg/L
Chlorine Accuracy ±0.03 mg/L; ±3%
Bromine Range 0.00 to 8.00 mg/L
Bromine Resolution 0.01 mg/L
Bromine Accuracy ±0.08 mg/L; ±3%
CYS Range 0 to 80 mg/L
CYS Resolution 1 mg/L
CYS Accuracy ±1 mg/L; ±15%
Iodine Range 0.0 to 12.5 mg/L
Iodine Resolution 0.1 mg/L
Iodine Accuracy ±0.1 mg/L; ±5%
LR Iron Range 0.00 to 1.00 mg/L
LR Iron Resolution 0.01 mg/L
LR Iron Accuracy ±0.02 mg/L; ±3%
pH Range 5.9 to 8.5
pH Resolution 0.1
pH Accuracy 0.1 pH
Light Detector Two Silicon Photocells
Light Source Pure Green LED
Lamp Life Life of the instrument
Environment 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F) RH max 95% (non-condensing)
Power Supply 4 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
Battery Life 60 hours or 1000 measurements
Auto Shut-Off Selectable after 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 min. of non-use
Dimensions 220 x 82 x 66 mm (8.7 x 3.2 x 2.6″)
Weight 510 g (1.1 lb.)


Hanna HI93102 Portable Multiparameter Datasheet


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