Horiba IG-320 Gloss Checker

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Product Description

Horiba IG-320 Gloss Checker

The Horiba IG-320 is a high quality low cost Gloss Checker and is made in Japan to high standards, delivers a super easy to use single key operation glossmeter. View continuous measurements as you move the Horiba IG-320 along a surface or press a key to save your measurement. Save up to 99 gloss measurements and view the average at any time. Measure instantaneously from low gloss matte surfaces to the highly polished paints, coatings or waxes providing uniform production quality.

High-Precision Measurements with ± 0.5% Full-Scale Reproducibility

The combination of the near infrared ray pulse system in the Horiba IG-320 Gloss Checker and it’s proprietary measuring system provide a high-precision gloss checking system compatible with JIS international standards.

Gather Data or View Averages with a Single Key Operation

Up to 99 measurements can be taken with a simple key operation and averaged using another key. Up to 99 averages can be stored on the Horiba IG-320 for later use. Easy data management promises smooth inspection work.

Features Horiba IG-320 Gloss Checker

The Lowest Cost non Chinese High Quality Single Angle Gloss Meter Available Worldwide
High Quality, made in Japan with American & Canadian Support
Horiba IG-320 Super Easy to use, turn on, no wait time, start measuring gloss, no more buttons to press
Horiba IG-320 Volume Discounts available on orders of 5, 10, 25 and 100 units.
Measures from 0 to 100 GU (Gloss Units)
Uses low cost std. 9V batteries.
Lasts a long 15 hours of operation on one set of batteries
One step calibration.
Small, super lightweight at 400g (14oz.)

Versatile Applications

Paint and Coatings Gloss Horiba IG-320

For gloss quality control testing of
painted surfaces, exposure
panel gloss level testing,
and gloss and luster
testing of the coating.

Aeronautical & Automotive Gloss and Gloss of Structurescar

Use a gloss checker to determine level of cleaning or waxing condition of vehicles, and for checking finishes of touch ups.

Gloss measurements for bridges, iron or steel frames, and structures or prefabricated structures, and diagnosis of deterioration of billboards, steel towers and more.

Ink Glossiness and Varnish Coatings for Printed MatterPrinted Material

Gloss evaluation of embellishing properties in the varnishing stage in the printing Industry. Evaluation of time-induced change and uniformity of surface after drying process; checking paper surface condition We also manufacture the GL-SR75 Gloss Sensor for non-contact real-time gloss data on the presses.

Checking External Appearance of Plastic MoldingTV

Gloss meters to check the external appearance of molded resin products and for the evaluation of weather resistance.

Checking Buidling & Masonry FinishesMasonry Finishes

Important when assuring uniform finish and inspection of external gloss appearance for stone, wood, concrete, aluminum sashes and other material.

Floor Maintenance and Concrete Polishing NeedsFloors

The Horiba IG-320 is the defact standard for Gloss inspection of concrete floors, and waxed floor finishes in hotels, office buildings and stores. The inspection of concrete floors in stores such as Home Depot or Lowes, or other Big Box Stores. Gloss measurement for Polished Concrete contractors. For High End Clarity measurements see our Rhopoint IQ.

Other Uses

Washability of Detergents and Washers: Gloss Checkers are used to determine and compare the performance of detergents and washers.
Wood Surfaces: check the gloss levels of coatings on wood surfaces.
Film: For R&D, gloss quality inspections and appearance of films.
Rubber: Gloss Quality Inspection and deterioration checks of rubber products
Leather: Gloss inspection of leather products and evaluation of leather cleaners and waxes.
Highly Polished Stainless Steel, Metals or Mirrors: The Horiba IG-320 cannot measure these materials. You require a Novo Gloss 60 or Novo Gloss 20/60 glossmeter.


Specifications Horiba IG-320 Gloss Checker

Optical System Incident angle 60°
Reception angle 60°
Measuring Area 12×6 mm oval
Light Source LED (wavelength: 880 nm)
Detector SPD (silicone photodiode)
Measuring Range 0 – 100.0
Display Range 0 – 199.0 (resolution: 0.1)
Reproducibility ±0.5% F.S ±1 digit
Power Source S-006P dry battery (9VDC) for operation, CR-2025 lithium battery (3VDC) for memory
Continued Use Time 15 hours or more
Ambient Conditions 0 – 40 °C
Dimensions 78 (W) x 189 (H) x 58 (D) mm
3.1 (W) x 7.4 (H) x 2.3 (D) in
Mass Approx. 400g (with battery)
Additonal Functions Automatic Calibration
Automatic Power Cut-Off
Display Hold
Overrange Display
Battery Alarm
Built-in data memory (max.99)
Computation of averages
Keystone Confirming tone
Warranty One Year
Note: Use the 20° measurement mode of the IG-331 when the gloss value in the 60° measurement mode exceeds 70




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