HTI HT-02 Thermal Imager

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Product Description

HTI HT-02 Thermal Imager

Thermal Cameras are ideal for use in construction, maintenance, industry, medical, transportation, etc

When you need a comprehensive temperature measurement over a wide area of ​​the environment, the Thermal Camera is the best tool and is ideal.

Thermal Camera Capable of detecting the temperature of several points at the same time and transferring this information directly into a thermal image on the display screen

Thermal camera advantages:

  • A comprehensive view of an area
  • Can capture images instantly and can be viewed at a later date.
  • Easy to grip with camera design
  • Very sensitive to changes in ambient temperature
  • Can see through bad weather conditions such as fog and snow

Infrared imager camera is widely used in the medical, archaeological, transport, agriculture and so on.

Specifications HTI HT-02 Thermal Imager

  • Display: 2.8 inch color display
  • Resolution: 60*60
  • Total pixel: 3600
  • FOV/Shortest focal length: 20× 20/0.5m
  • Thermal sensitivity :0.15
  • Measuring mode: Infrared focal plane measuring temperature
  • Temperature range: -20 -300 (-4 -572 )
  • Measuring accuracy: ±2
  • Wavelength range: 8-14μm
  • Image frequency: 8HZ
  • Emissivity: 0.1-1.0/Adjustable
  • Focus mode: Fixed
  • Palette: Iron color,rainbow,black and white
  • Image storage: SD card(32G)
  • File format: JPG
  • Set control: Unit Adjustment/Language/Date Time Format/automatic shut down
  • Battery type: 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery
  • Adapter voltage: DV 5V output
  • Operating temperature: 0 -50
  • Storage temperature: -40 -70
  • Humidity: <90%RH
  • Vibration: 2G, IEC60068-2-6
  • Drop resistance: 2m
  • Size: 230×80×52mm
  • Net Weight: 410g



Jual HTI HT-02 Thermal Imager dengan harga murah dan berkualitas bergaransi tentunya. dapat di kirim ke seluruh wilayah Indonesia.

Jika anda butuh penawaran dan info Stok silahkan hubungi sales kami di No Telpon 0821 2742 8667 Telpon/SMS/Whatsapp. Supplier dan Distributor HTI Instruments di Indonesia. menyedikakan juga berbagai merk Alat ukur & Lab, Alat Survey, Alat komunikasi dan GPS

Dalam pengiriman produk yang pelanggan beli, sebelumnya sudah kami cek untuk memastikan produk dalam keadaan baik dan siap kirim.

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