Hytera MD788 (Full Duplex)

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Hytera MD788 (Full Duplex)

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Professional digital mobile radio

With a multitude of versatile voice and data services, the Hytera MD788 digital mobile radio offers an intuitive user interface and outstanding build quality. Ideal for desktop or in-vehicle installations, the MD788 delivers professional communications in a mobile unit.

Request variant MD788(G) for GPS.

Functions of the Hytera MD788

    Allows monitoring and control of external devices via radio.
    Send priority transmission to interrupt other calls, ideal for important and critical messages.
    Incorporates noise cancellation technology to remove distracting noise from the transmission, providing clear communication.
    Allows the radio to automatically scan and redirect the user to receive priority calls if they are sent.
    Using pseudo-trunking, Hytera’s patented technology, the slots can be shared to increase capacity utilization by transmitting either directly to the device or to the repeater.
  • XPT
    Hytera XPT (Extended Pseudo Trunking) allows you to use limited spectrum resources more efficiently, dynamically assigning channel resources without the need for dedicated control channels.
    The Lone Worker feature uses a timer on the radio to measure inactivity. If the timer expires, an alert is issued, and if there is no response to it, an alarm is triggered.
    Raise an alarm with top priority to a base station or to another radio with a pre-programmed emergency mode, identifying the ID of the person issuing the alarm.
  • GPS
    (G) version only (via a separate antenna), enabling location-based services to enhance security and control.

Spesifikasi Hytera MD788

  • Rentang Frekuensi: VHF: 136-174 MHz, UHF1: 400-470 MHz, UHF2: 450-520 MHz, UHF3: 350-400 MHz
  • Kapasitas Saluran: 1024 (64 zona dengan 256 saluran per zona)
  • Protokol Digital: ETSI-TS102 361-1,2 & 3
  • Tegangan Pasokan: +13.6v ± 15%
  • Dimensi (L × H × D): 60 x 174 x 200 (mm)
  • Berat: 1.7Kg
  • Tampilan: 2.0 ”4 baris 160*128 piksel 262200 warna
  • Keypad: Tidak (mikrofon keypad tersedia)
  • Tombol yang Dapat Diprogram: 7

Spesifikasi Lingkungan

  • Intrusi Debu & Air: Standar IP54


  • Hytera MD788
  • Microphone
  • Kabel DC/Power
  • Bracket
  • Manual Book



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