Icom IC-A110

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Product Description

Icom IC-A110

Rugged and Reliable for Serious Ground Crew Communications

Setting a high standard for ground based communications, the IC-A110 provides durability and reliability in demanding operational environments.

Capable of being installed in any vehicle

IC-A110 is adaptable to vehicles working on a 12 V, as well as a 24 V power source.

Front mounted loud speaker

A loud speaker mounted in the front of the transceiver is free of any obstacles blocking audio reproduction. And 10 W of powerful output power is available for the external speaker.

Dial selection

With a simple rotation of the dial, frequently used memory channels, or desired frequency selection can be made.

Memory channel name capability

UP to 7-character memory names can be assigned for each channel. Allows simple and quick channel recognition and selection.

Side tone function

Operator’s transmitted messages and calls are audio modulated and can be heard by standard air band headsets*, even in the most demanding operating airport conditions.
* Option OPC-871 is necessary when using standard type headset.

Convenient on hook scan functions

Hanging the microphone on the mic. hanger activates the auto scan function. When released, the transceiver will return to the last used, or priority channel, depending on the selection.

Usable in extreme cold

The adopted LCD guaranteed usable in temperatures from -30°C to +70°C (-22°F to +158°F). Normal performance, as well as display indications, are guaranteed even in extremely cold areas.

Additional Features

  • Additional to the predominantly used 25 kHz channel spacing, an extra version complying to new regulations is available for 8.33 kHz channel spacing
  • Equipped EEPROM system provides maintenance free memory backup capability, without the use of a separate backup battery
  • Various scan functions, such as VFO and priority scans are available
  • Limited number of keys for simple manipulation, but providing advanced multi-functions
  • A total of 20 memory channels are available
  • Ideal compact size of 150(W) × 50(H) × 180(D) mm* to mount in various types of vehicles
    * 529/32(W) × 131/32(H) × 73/32(D) in
  • 36 W (pep) of powerful output
  • Excellent durability to cope with even the toughest workplace
  • Memory channel only operation possible via PC programming
  • Hand microphone supplied

Specifications Icom IC-A110

Frequency range 118.000 – 136.975 MHz
Channel spacing

(according to version)

8.33/25 kHz auto selection

or 25 kHz only

Mode 6K00A3E (AM)
No. of memory Ch. 20
Antenna connector SO-239 (50Ω)
Power supply requirement

(negative ground)

13.75 V DC or 27.5 V DC

automatic selection

Current drain (at 13.75 V DC)
5.0A max.
4.0A (at AF max.)0.5A (at stand-by)
Operating temperature range -30°C to +60°C;

-22°F to +140°F

Frequency stability ±5 ppm (-30°C to +60°C)

(projections not incl.)

150(W) × 50(H) × 180(D) mm

529/32(W) × 131/32(H) × 73/32(D) in

Weight (approx.) 1.5 kg; 3 lb 5 oz
Output power 36 W typ. pep (9 W typ. for CW)
Modulation limiting 70 – 100% (IC-A110)
Modulation compression Linear 85%

Max. 95%

AF harmonic distortion Less than 10% (at max. mod.)
Hum and Noise ratio More than 40 dB
Spurious emissions Less than -16 dBm
Adjacent Ch. power* Less than 60 dB (25 kHz)

Less than 50 dB (8.33 kHz)

Microphone connector 8-pin modulator (600Ω)
Receiving system Double conversion superheterodyne
Intermediate freq. 1st     38.85 MHz

2nd    450 kHz

Sensitivity (pd) Less than 1 µV (at 6 dB S/N)
Squelch sensitivity

(pd; at threshold)

Less than 0.3 µV

25 kHz Ch. Spacing  

8.33 kHz Ch. Spacing

More than ±8 kHz (at -6 dB)

Less than ±17 kHz (at -40 dB)

Less than ±25 kHz (at -60 dB)


More than ±2.778 kHz (at -6 dB)

Less than ±7.37 kHz (at -60 dB)

Spurious response More than 74 dBµ
Intermodulation rejection ratio* More than 64 dB
BIocking/desensitisation* More than 70 dB
Cross modulation rejection* More than 70 dB
Audio output power

Internal speaker

External Speaker

Headeset (side tone)

(at 13.75 V; 10% dist.; 60% mod.)

1.5 W typical w/8Ω load

More than 10.0 W w/8Ω load

More than 0.1 W w/500Ω load

AF output impedance
Headset (side tone)



Supplied Accessories

  • Hand microphone, HM-161
  • DC power cable
  • Mounting bracket kit
  • Microphone hanger kit
  • Fuses


Icom IC-A110 – Manual

Produk asli Kami distributor langsung Icom . Harga murah dan berkualitas bergaransi tentunya. dapat di kirim ke seluruh wilaya indonesia.

Dalam pengiriman produk yang pelanggan beli, sebelumnya sudah kami cek untuk memastikan produk dalam keadaan baik dan siap kirim.


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