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Icom IC-A24

Easy to Use While Flying

Simple one-handed operation is the most essential feature of the IC-A24/A6. The well labeled, large keypad provides user friendly operation. The large display shows both letters and numbers and is easy to see, making for fast frequency recognition. The display is backlit, and so is the keypad. The light stays on until you turn it off – a very handy feature for flying at night.

“Flip-flop” Channel Recall

The IC-A24/A6 stores the last 10 channels used. You can easily recall those channels by pushing the “flip-flop”Flip Flop buttons recall buttons on the front panel. It is convenient for switching between several channels, such as NAV and COM channels.

External DC Power Jack

An external DC power jack allows for battery charging when using the AC wall charger, BC-110. The cigarette lighter cable, CP-20, provides for battery charging and operation from an external DC source. When the battery pack is installed, simultaneous charging during operation is also possible. In addition, an optional battery case, BP-208N, is available.

Specifications Icom IC-A24

Frequency Coverage
118.000-136.975 MHz
108.000-136.975 MHz
161.650-163.275 MHz
118.000-136.975 MHz
118.000-136.975 MHz
161.650-163.275 MHz


AM (6K00A3E)

FM (16K0G3E)

Channel spacing 8.33/25kHz or 25kHz (depending on version)
No. of memory channels 200 (20 Channels X 10 banks)
Power supply requirement 7.4/7.2V DC (Battery pack)

11.0V DC (External DC jack)

Current drain (at 7.2 V DC)


Rx Max. audio
Rx Stand-by

1.5 A typical
300 mA typical
70 mA typical
Frequency stability ±5 ppm
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to +60°C; -14°F to +140°F
Dimensions (W×H×D)

(projections not included)

54(W) x 129.3(H) x 35.5(D) mm;

21/8(W) ×53/32(H) × 113/32(D) in

Weight 430 g; 15.2 oz (with antenna and BP-210N)
Antenna connector 50Ω BNC type
Output power (at 7.2 V DC) 5.0 W typ. (PEP)

1.5 W typ. (CW)

Modulation system Low level modulation
Modulation limiting 70-100%
AF harmonic distortion Less than 10% (at 60% mod.)
Hum and noise ratio More than 35 dB
Spurious emissions More than 46dB (Except operating freq. ±62.5 kHz point)
Microphone impedance 3-conductor 2.5 (d) mm (1/10″) / more than 100kΩ
Intermediate frequency
30.05 MHz
450 kHz
Sensitivity (typ)

VOR (AM 6dB S/N)

COM (AM 6dB S/N)


 Less than 0.71 µV

Less than 0.5 µV

Less than 0.22 µV

Selectivity More than 7.5 kHz/-6 dB

Less than 25 kHz/-60 dB

Hum and noise ratio More than 40 dB
Spurious response




More than 60 dB

More than 30 dB

Audio output power More than 500mW typ. with an 8Ω load, 30% modulation
Ext. speaker connector 3-conductor 3.5 (d) mm, (18″) / 8Ω

All specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Supplied Accessories

  • Antenna, FA-B02AR
  • Battery pack, BP-210N
  • Belt clip, MB-103
  • Case, LC-159
  • Charger, BC-167SA
  • Headset adapter, PA OPC-499
  • Handstrap

Water Resistant Construction

The water resistant construction provides reliable operation in wet conditions.
* Equivalent to IPX4 of the corresponding international standard IEC 60529 (2001).

And More

  • 200 memory channels (20 Ch × 10 banks) with 6 character names
  • Dedicated 121.5MHz emergency key
  • Side tone function allows you to hear your own voice via an external aviation headset.
  • Optional Ni-Cd and Ni-MH battery packs
  • NOAA marine weather channels
  • Tag scanning and memory bank scanning
  • ANL (Auto Noise Limiter) for noise reduction
  • Low battery alert



Icom IC-A24 – Manual

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