MITECH MV 800 Portable Vibration Meter

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MITECH MV 800 Portable Vibration Meter

Vibration Meter MITECH MV800 adalah alat ukur yang dapat digunakan untuk melakukan pengukuran getaran seperti mengukur percepatan getaran, kecepatan dan perpindahan berbagai mesin rotary.

Product Description

MITECH MV 800 Portable Vibration Meter

Vibration Meter MITECH MV800 is a measuring device that can be used to perform vibration measurements such as measuring vibration acceleration, speed and displacement of various rotary machines.

The MITECH MV800 Vibration Meter is a measuring device that can be used to measure vibrations. The device consists of a piezoelectric transducer and a digital display circuit. MITECH MV800 type vibration meter It is mainly used to measure the vibration acceleration, speed and displacement of various rotary machines.

This measuring tool set has advantages, such as large measurement, wide variety, intuitive demonstration, small size, light weight and more. This MITECH MV800 Vibration Meter is widely used in on-site or at-altitude measurements and can reduce work force, improve work efficiency.

The MITECH MV800 Vibration Measurement Tool is equipped with an LCD screen that can be used to view measurement results very clearly and is also easy to read by the user. This measuring instrument is also equipped with a high accuracy value, so users will get very accurate measurement results.

MITECH portable vibration meter MV800 is made up of piezoelectric transducer and digital display circuit. It is mainly used to measure vibration acceleration, speed and displacement of various rotary machine. This product has the advantages of large measurement, wide variety, intuitively demonstration, small size, light weight etc. It is widely used in measurement on site or at height and can reduce the working strength, improve the working efficiency.

Function & application
MV800 is mainly used in monitoring the vibration of machines, such as industries of manufacturing, electric, metallurgy, vehicle etc, specific on the quick check and preventive check of bearing, gear, motor, fan lathe etc.

Working Principle
MV800 combines the quartz crystal and PZT piezoelectric effect together. When the quartz crystal or PZT is under strength, the surface generates charger, the vibration was changed into electrical signal by acceleration transducer. After processing and analyzing, the acceleration, speed and displacement are shown out in the liquid screen.

Working Conditions

  • Operation temperature: 0~50℃
  • Memory temperature: -30℃~+70℃
  • Relative humidity: below 90%RH

Features of the MITECH MV800 Vibration Meter :

  • Separate design, small size, stable performance, low consumption, attractive appearance.
  • Liquid crystal display, humanized interface, easy to operate.
  • Applicable to harsh environment, with anti-electromagnetic interference ability, high accuracy.
  • High frequency and low frequency measurement, machine type is easy to judge.
  • Equip a reliable ring accelerometer, superior to compression type sensors.
  • Auto sleep and auto off.
  • According to national standards, the measurement value can be compared with ISO2372 to judge the running state of the device.
  • Signal output, equipped with earphones can work like a stethoscope.
  • The signal output is equipped with an oscillometer for monitoring and recording vibrations.

Operating Method and Attentions

  • Match the sensor with the number, if the sensor is not matched with tester, you can deliver it to our company.
  • When using different probes, the results might be different(especially in high frequency)
  • Do not use pincers to avoid damage.
  • Theoretically, MV800 can test acceleration of 199.9m/s, while in reality the collision of probe make the test range lower than199.9m/s2, usually the limit of acceleration is 50m/s2.

Instrument Maintenance

  • Avoid man-made damage, put sheathe when using.
  • When the battery is almost out, please change the battery.
  • Take out the battery when not using to avoid the battery leakage.
  • After using, clean the tester with soft cloth, avoid rain or oil infiltration.
  • When there happens abnormal things, please do not self dismantle the tester, deliver it to our company.

Specifications MITECH MV 800 Portable Vibration Meter :

  • Battery life continuous use for 30 hours
  • Power model 6F22 9v packed cells
  • Dimensions 185mm*68mm*30mm
  • Output signal AC 2v(peak value, full measurement above 10k)
  • Sampling period 1s
  • Display mode 3-digit Semi liquid crystal display
  • Frequency range 10Hz~10KHz
  • Indication error ±2
  • Measurement accuracy ±5% measured value
  • Measurement range(acceleration) 0.1~199.9m/s2(peak value: valid value*√2)
  • Measurement range(speed) 0.1~19939mm/s (valid value)
  • Measurement range(displacement) 0.001~1.999mm(Peak to peak: valid value*2√2)
  • Vibration pickup separated charge-amplifier and build-in acceleration transducer


MITECH MV 800 – Datasheet

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