Labtech Laminar Flow Alphaclean Clean Bench – AlphaClean 1300

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Labtech Laminar Flow Alphaclean Clean Bench – AlphaClean 1300

Laminar Flow AlphaClean 1300 Vertical Clean Bench – The ideal Laminar Flow AlphaClean 1300 for use in the laboratory is the Laminar Flow AlphaClean 1300. This instrument can be used to provide a sterile workspace free of contaminants.

Features Labtech Laminar Flow Alphaclean Clean Bench – AlphaClean 1300


Automatically compensates for normal power line variation, air diruptiona and filter loading. Motor consumes less energy, reduce heat output and operates more quietly.

llumination lamp

  • Illumination provides sufficient brightness to theworking chamber.

UV lamp

  • Emission of 235.7 nanometers for most efficient decontamination. Automatic UV timer program saves your time during daily work

Satety grade glass

  • The front glass window provides protection from explosion and UV with more comfortable viewing

Work tops

  • Standard constructed of seamless, non-porous type 304 stainless steel


  • Chemically and thermally enhanced technology increase filtration capacity and efficiency,together with ergonomical filter change design for easy maintenence

Friendly communication

  • Centered and angled down color-display for better at-a-glance viewing of safety and performance data.

Long life HEPA filter

  • Long life HEPA filter provides high separability for particles. Self-compensation for the clogging of filters and life span indicator optimize working condition and minimizes services

Real-time airflow monitoring

  • Velocity of airflow and temperature are inspected and indicated on control panel.Alert the user if airflow is insufficient

Universal electrical outlets

  • Two standard electrical duplex receptacles, with ground fault interruption and splash covers.

Specifications Labtech Laminar Flow Alphaclean Clean Bench – AlphaClean 1300

Model AlphaClean1300
Nominal Size 1.3 meters
External Dimensions with Base Stand (W x D x H) 1500X760X510mm
Internal Work Area, Dimensions (WxDxH) 1380X650X510mm
Internal WorkSpace (Area) 0.90M2 (9.69 sq.ft)
HEPA filter size (W×D×H) 1320×580×50mm
Prefilter size (W×D×H) 400*380*3mm (2PCs)
Vertical Velocity * 0.2~0.5m/s
Vertical Volume 551~1378 m³/h
Supply Filter
Material Glass fibre fleece
Separability in MPPS 99.99%
Separability at 0.3um particle size 99.99%
Cleanliness in Work Area ISO Class 5, Class 100 (Fed 209E)
No. of Sedimentated Bacteria Colony ≤0.5CFU*0.5h
Sound Emission (Typical)* ≤62 dB
Fluorescent Light Intensity 450LUX
Excellent light distribution Yes
Fluorescent Light Power and Number 11W,2PCs
UV Lamp Power and Number 8W,2PCs
RMS ≤5um
Cabinet Construction
Main Body 1.2mm(0.05”) steel with white oven-baked epoxy-polyester power-coated
Side Walls 1.2mm(0.05”) steel with white oven-baked epoxy-polyester power-coated
Work Zone 1.5mm (0.06”) stainless steel, grade 304
Window Material Hardened/laminated safety glass
Working Temperature 10 ~ 30℃
Working Humidity 30 ~ 75%RH
Electrical (220-240V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase)
Cabinet Full Load Amp(FLA) 2.5A
Optional Outlets FLA 3A
Cabinet Maximum Power 550VA
Cabinet Nominal Power 300VA
Power Supply**
220V±10%/50Hz Yes
220V±10%/60Hz Yes
110V±10%/60Hz Yes
Protection class I
Protection type IP20
Overvoltage category II
Contamination degree 2
Net Weight 185kg(408lbs)
Shipping Weight 250KG
Shipping Dimensions Maximum(W×D×H) 1600*840*1800mm
Shipping Volume, Maximum

Labtech Laminar Flow Alphaclean Clean Bench – Datasheeet



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