Lutron CC-PH Calibration pH Simulator

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Product Description

Lutron CC-PH Calibration pH Simulator

Made in Taiwan

Features Lutron CC-PH Calibration pH Simulator :

  • Economical cost, pocket sized simulators for current
  • New checkers are easy to use and provide a quick way for checking the calibration of your instrument. Whether you device is a pH meter, controller, indicator or recorder, these checkers will determine instantly if your device needs to be calibrated or if your sensor needs to be replaced
  • Ideal as a precision “source” for re-calibrating process indicators and controllers. Calibration Checker can be used to set up process device to display in approximate engineering units. It enable user to easily perform field recalibrations of meters or controllers
  • Compact case features push button range selector switch for one hand operation. Bright red LEDs indicate simulation range or when battery power falls below a specific level
  • Easy operation. simply plug the checker’s calibration cable to your device select desired calibration output read the displayed value on your device. If the displayed value is the same as simulated, then your device is in calibration

Specifitions Lutron CC-PH Calibration pH Simulator :

  • Simulate values: pH 4.00, pH 7.00 & pH 10.00
  • Accuracy: 0.1 %
  • Impedance select: Select High Ohm for testing the impedence of your device

Accessories Included  :

  • Operational manual
  • Calibration cable with BNC plug

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