Lutron DM-9030 Automotive Tester

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Product Description

Lutron DM-9030 Automotive Tester

DWELL, Tach., ohms, DC/AC, V/A, Temp., Continuity beeper, Diode, Hz
Full line optional accessories

* RPM (TACH) measurement by inductive pickup for more convenient & accurate
readings of both conventional and distributorless ignitions.
* RPM (TACH) used the ” Secondary Tach. ” measuring method, no matter what cylinder
no is.
* Accurate DCV/ACV, DCA/ACA and resistance measurement, wide range of automotive
electronics tests.
* Duty cycle (%) with Dwell conversion chart for electronic fuel injection and feedback
* Diode test quickly measures the forward bias voltage drop of alternator rectifiers and
other diodes.
* Continuity beeper keeps whenever probes touch a continuous circuit. Helps find shorts and open wires.
* 10 Mega ohm impedance protects Mega ohm computer circuit.
* Frequency measurements with adjustable trigger point for testing MAF, MAP & ABS SENSOR.
* Rotary function switch, easy operation.
* Large size LCD display.
* Built-in overload protection for most ranges.

DC Voltage
Range Accuracy
200mV ± (0.5%+1d)
2V, 20V, 200V, 600V ± ((0.8%+1d)

AC Voltage
Range Accuracy
200mV, 2V, 20V, 200V, 600V ± (1%+2d)

AC/DC Current
Range Accuracy
DCA: 10A ± (1.5%+2d)
ACA: 10 A ± (1.5%+3d)

Range Accuracy
200 ohm ± (1%+3d)
2K, 20K, 200K ± (0.8%+1d)
2000K, 20M ± (2%+2d)

Cylinder Range
3 CYL 0 – 120
4 CYL 0 – 90
5 CYL 0 – 72
6 CYL 0 – 60
8 CYL 0 – 45
Duty Cycle 0 – 100.0 %

Tach (Secondary) Range
500 – 10,000 RPM

Temperature Range
-20℃ to 750℃

Frequency (Hz)
Range Measuring
200Hz 9-199.9 Hz
2 KHz 9-1999 Hz
20KHz 0.9-19.99 kHz

Standard Accessories: ( Termasuk )
Instruction Manual

Optional Accessories 🙁 Tidak termasuk )
* batere kotak 9 Volt
* RPM inductive pick up sensor (IP-07, IP-09)
* Temperature probe, carrying case

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