Lutron PVB-8219 Vibration Controller Monitor

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Product Description

Lutron PVB-8219 Vibration Controller Monitor

Applications for industrial vibration monitoring.
All industrial machinery vibrates. The level of vibration is a useful guide to machine condition. Poor balance, misalignment & looseness of the structure will cause the vibration level increase

Features Lutron PVB-8219 Vibration Controller Monitor : 

  • Freq. range 10 Hz – 1 kHz
  • Metric & Imperial display unit
  • Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement measurement
  • RMS measurement
  • Wide frequency range
  • Separate vibration probe with magnetic base, easy operation
  • Control setting, Hi/Lo alarm setting
  • Control relay output, alarm relay output
  • Hysteresis value setting for control and alarm function
  • Microprocessor circuit ensures high accuracy and provides special functions and feature
  • RS-232/USB computer interface

Standard Accessories :

  • Lutron PVB-8219 Vibration Controller
  • Instruction manual
  • Vibration sensor with cable
  • Magnetic base
  • Case holder with screw

Optional Accessories :

  • USB cable, USB-01
  • RS232 cable, UPCB-02
  • Data Acquisition software, SW-U801-WIN
  • Real time SD card data logger DL-9602SD

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