Oxygen Concentration Content Tester CY-12C

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Product Description

Oxygen Concentration Content Tester CY-12C

Alat ukur konsentrasi gas oksigen dengan rentang 0-100%, 0-5-%, 0-1%

Ideal untuk keperluan Medis, cek tabung gas oksigen, keperluan Lab dan Riset

For analyzing the purity of oxygen in respirator machine of medical treatment and anesthesia
machine and oxygen concentrator and high-pressure oxygen house and the nursing case keeping infant.
Instrument sensor is electrochemistry diaphragmatic positron. It makes use of platinum negatron and silver and silver chloride as electrolyte.
Diaphragmatic material is polyethylene film which chooses the permeating oxygen .

Specification CY-12C :
Product Name: CY-12C digital oxygen measuring instrument
Range: 0-100% 0-50% 0-1%
Accuracy: 0.10%
Use ambient temperature: -20~ 50 C
Humidity: <90%
Use: hand pinch suction type
Resolution: 0.01%
Response time: 10 seconds to indicate 90% of oxygen concentration (at 20 C)
Power consumption: 4 mW
Power: 6F229V laminated battery, can work for 500 hours.
Affect the detection accuracy of interference gas: SO2, NO2, H2S 10% when the impact of the determination.
Dimensions: 23x18x7cm/9.06×7.09×2.76in




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