Tektronix 6 Series Low Profile Digitizer

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Product Description

Tektronix 6 Series Low Profile Digitizer

Deskripsi Teknis Tentang Produk Tektronix 6 Series Low Profile Digitizer

Applications requiring high-speed digitizers shouldn’t trade-off performance when turning on channels. The 6 Series Low Profile Digitizer sets a new standard by not interleaving sample rate, bandwidth or record length. You get the fastest and most accurate performance from your digitizer – all in a 2U space.

Built-in Spectrum View inputs with DDC & IQ data offload

Whether you’re a spectrum analyzer expert or an occasional user, you’ll be able to put the built-in Spectrum View right to work. The Tektronix TEK049 ASIC has patented dual signal paths with an ADC and DDC that allow independent controls of both time domain and frequency domain.


  • Up to 2 GHz bandwidth with Digital Down Converter (DDC)
  • Individual time domain and frequency domain controls
  • Fast raw IQ data offloading to PC
  • RF vs Time Triggering (trigger on frequency or magnitude changes)

Built-in Spectrum View inputs with DDC & IQ data offload

High bandwidth manufacturing such as 5G and UWB

Higher data throughput is driving multiple technologies such as 5G mmWave, ultra wide band, WiGig and automotive RADAR. The 6 Series Low Profile is an ideal IF digitizer for multichannel systems and packs 4 high performace 25 GS/s channels into a 2U rack. By using the DDC, there’s up to 30% reduction in data sizes, which means you get your data faster for post-processing.


  • 2 rack units high (3.5 inches) with rackmount attached.
  • Easy Remote Control – browser access and control.
  • Ethernet and USB 3.0 ports for fast data transfer.
  • Programming support: IVI-C, IVI-COM, MATLAB, LabView, Python, VISA, Sockets, and more.
  • Built-in programming command translator.

High bandwidth Manufacturing such as 5G and UWB

Synchronize multiple high-speed digitizers

Turn two remote digitizers into a single virtual instrument. Discover, search and analyze across more channels then ever before.

  • View all channels simultaneously.
  • Rearrange or group channels.
  • Unlimited automated measurements.
  • Easy Ethernet access.

Synchronize multiple high-speed digitizers

Transition from design to manufacturing test, effortlessly

Eliminate work by using exactly the same software and test routines in production that you developed during design. Use the benchtop 6 Series MSO with its 15.6-inch HD display and pinch-swipe-zoom touchscreen for design validation. Run the same user interface, similar hardware while using the compact low-profile digitizer version in manufacturing.

benchtop 6 Series MSO with its 15.6-inch HD display

Spesifikasi Tentang Produk Tektronix 6 Series Low Profile Digitizer

  • 25 GS/s on all 4 channels
  • DC to 8 GHz on all 4 channels
  • 12-bit analog-to-digital converters
  • Up to 1 billion samples (1 Gpt) on all 4 channels
  • Up to 2 GHz RF DDC bandwidth on all channels
  • 2U rack ready digitizer
  • Best in class low noise and ENOB



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Dalam pengiriman produk yang pelanggan beli, sebelumnya sudah kami cek untuk memastikan produk dalam keadaan baik dan siap kirim.


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