Testo 176 T4 Temperature Data Logger

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Testo 176 T4 Temperature Data Logger

Pencatat data suhu testo 176 T4 dapat memberi tahu Anda secara sekilas jika suhu ruangan atau fasilitas berada dalam ambang batas yang ditentukan. Itu dapat mengukur suhu hingga empat lokasi berbeda secara bersamaan dan memiliki memori ukuran super yang dapat menyimpan hingga 2.000.000 pembacaan.

  • Suhu pengoperasian -20 hingga +70 °C
  • Bahan produk/perumahan Plastik
  • Kelas perlindungan IP65

Product Description

Testo 176 T4 Temperature Data Logger

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Checking the temperature in super freezers or under cryogenic conditions

Specific products must be stored under extremely cold conditions so as to ensure their quality. Therefore, in many laboratories and research facilities you can for instance find super freezers which can be cooled down to -80 °C using liquid nitrogen or dry ice.
In many cases storage under cryogenic conditions is even required. So, particular biological or blood products are for example stored and transported at -196 °C. Special measuring instruments, which are also fit for purpose at such low temperatures, are needed to check these extreme conditions.

Monitoring process temperatures

For production quality assurance, the temperature must frequently be checked at various points in production processes. Whether it is the air temperature, the temperature of production items themselves or the surface temperature of machines or motors.
Using thermocouple probes, data loggers can also record data in the kinds of extreme temperature ranges that are often to be found in production processes. The probe’s fast speed of response contributes here to a good measurement result being achieved even in processes where temperatures change quickly.

Checking the flow and return temperature of heating systems

The heating period starts in autumn and with it the time for tenants to complain that the apartment cannot be heated to the extent they want as well. Using flexible external pipe wrap probes, you can for instance check the flow and return temperature of individual heaters in a targeted way, so as to identify causes and remedy them.

The testo 176 T4 temperature data logger can tell you at a glance if the temperature of the room or facility is within the prescribed thresholds. It can measure the temperature at up to four different sites simultaneously and has a super size memory that can save up to 2 000 000 readings. This gives you the freedom to read out the logger data at longer intervals, even when measuring cycles are shorter.You will need at least one temperature sensor to use your logger. There is a wide selection of thermocouple sensors ranging from type K, T or J sensors to air, surface or probe sensors available.

Technical features and benefits in the field

The logger’s display provides you with a wide range of valuable information including current measurement values, threshold values, points where these thresholds have been exceeded, min/max values as well as the remaining battery power. And because all these values can be read off directly from the display, there is no need for you to boot up your PC. In addition to this nice little detail, the logger also has a super size memory and an exceptionally long battery life of up to 8 years. This gives you the freedom to read out the logger data at longer intervals, even when measuring cycles are shorter.The  testo 176 T4 data logger is IP 65 protected and can therefore also be used in dusty and dirty work environments. The standard AA batteries can be replaced by the user.

Possible areas of application

  • Checking the temperature in ultra-low temperature freezers or under cryo conditions
  • Measuring and logging flow and return temperatures at underfloor heating distributors in order to check that they are working properly
  • Checking process temperatures
  • Checking flow and return temperatures of heating systems

Programming and analyzing your data logger

Choose one of three software versions to program or read out your logger or to analyze the measuring data you have obtained on your PC:

  • Software ComSoft Basic– available for free downloading – allows you to program your logger and analyze the data quickly and easily
  • Software ComSoft Professional– optional – provides you with additional possibilities and a more detailed analysis of the temperature values
  • Software ComSoft CFR 21 Part 11– optional – ideal for the special demands of the pharmaceutical sector in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11

You will need a USB cable (not included) to program your data logger. The data can be transferred to your PC either via USB cable or SD card. Both are available as accessories which can be ordered together with your testo 176 T4.

Delivery Scope

testo 176 T4 temperature data logger with external sensor ports (TC type T, K and J), wall mount, lock, battery, calibration protocol.

Technical Data

Temperature – TC Type K (NiCr-Ni)
Measuring range-200 to +1000 °C
Accuracy±1 % of mv (-200 to -100.1 °C) ±1 Digit

±0.3 °C (-100 to +70 °C) ±1 Digit

±0.5 % of mv (+70.1 to +1000 °C) ±1 Digit

Resolution0.1 °C
Temperature – TC Type T (Cu-CuNi)
Measuring range-200 to +400 °C
Accuracy±1 % of mv (-200 to -100.1 °C) ±1 Digit

±0.3 °C (-100 to +70 °C) ±1 Digit

±0.5 % of mv (+70.1 to +400 °C) ±1 Digit

Resolution0.1 °C
Temperature – TC Type J (Fe-CuNi)
Measuring range-100 to +750 °C
Accuracy±0.3 °C (-100 to +70 °C) ±1 Digit

±0.5 % of mv (+70.1 to +750 °C) ±1 Digit

Resolution0.1 °C
General technical data
Weight230 g
Dimensions103 x 63 x 33 mm
Operating temperature-20 to +70 °C
Product-/housing materialPlastic
Protection classIP65
Channels4 external
Connectable probes4 x thermocouple (type T, K and J)
Product colourBlack
StandardsEU-guideline 2014/30/EU; 2011/65/EU
Measuring rate1 s to 24 h; 2 s to 24 h (online measurement)
Battery type1 x Lithium (TL-5903)
Battery life8 years (15 min. meas. rate, +25 °C)
Interfacemini usb, SD card slot
Memory2,000,000 measuring values
Storage temperature-40 to +85 °C



Testo 176 T4 – Datasheet

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Additional Information




176 T4

Made In


Measuring range

-100 to +750 °C


±0.3 °C (-100 to +70 °C) ±1 Digit
±0.5 % of mv (+70.1 to +750 °C) ±1 Digit


0.1 °C


103 x 63 x 33 mm

Operating temperature

-20 to +70 °C

Product-/housing material


Protection class



4 external

Connectable probes

4 x thermocouple (type T, K and J)

Product colour



EU-guideline 2014/30/EU; 2011/65/EU

Measuring rate

1 s to 24 h; 2 s to 24 h (online measurement)

Battery type

1 x Lithium (TL-5903)


800 g

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