Trimble R3 GPS Geodetic

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Trimble R3 GPS Geodetic

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Trimble Digital Fieldbook: Powerful and Easy-To-Use Field Software

Trimble Digital Fieldbook™ field software is available in two flavours:

  • Trimble Digital Fieldbook: L1 postprocessed kinematic and static surveys using the Trimble R3 GPS System or 5700 L1 GPS System (Europe only)
  • Trimble Digital Fieldbook RTK: Perform RTK surveys using the Trimble 5800 Limited GPS System

Trimble Digital Fieldbook offers the following:

  • Map view: View a survey in the Plan view to ensure all required points are measured.
  • Background maps: View files (e.g., DXF files) and points for project visualization. Also, tap and hold to review items, or navigate to them directly from the map.
  • Coordinate system support: Transfer grid coordinates in a local coordinate system to the software and use them to occupy points and to navigate on the map.
  • Feature Code libraries: Improve quality control in the field and only collect valid codes.
  • Survey data stored in job files: Review project details in the field. The related raw GPS (*.dat) files are automatically downloaded when the job file is transferred to Trimble Geomatics Office.
  • Receiver configuration: View satellites using a sky plot view and manage GPS files stored in your receiver.
  • Collect, view, and manage your GPS data efficiently in the field, and then transfer it in a Job file to the Trimble Business Center or Trimble Geomatics Office™ software for processing.

Trimble Digital Fieldbook is available in many languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese

Trimble Business Center office software – L1 Postprocessing module

Designed for today’s fast-paced surveying office, Trimble Business Center software unlocks the potential of optical, GNSS, and imaging surveying data. As the desktop component of Trimble’s suite of survey solutions, Trimble Business Center provides you with the capability to efficiently edit, process, and adjust your survey data with confidence.
Available at two levels of productivity (Advanced and Standard), and with an optional Photogrammetry module, Trimble Business Center provides the key functionality needed to finish work faster
The new version 3.00 advances the capabilities of surveying offices with key new functionality including:

  • NEW Photogrammetry Module – Based on state-of-the-art technology from Inpho, version 3.00 also introduces a new photogrammetry module for importing and working with flight data and images collected from the Gatewing X100, and optical instruments, such as the Trimble S8 Robotic Total Station utilizing Trimble VISION™ technology. Surveyors can produce deliverables, including orthophotos, 3D point clouds and digital surface models directly from Trimble Business Center.
  • 64-bit Processing – With 64-bit processing, surveyors in the office can utilize all of their computer’s RAM to display large images and point clouds for increased visualization functionality.
  • Display Large Images Seamlessly – Images “tile” automatically on import and the displayed resolution adjusts seamlessly as users zoom in and out for superior image viewing.
  • Updated User Interface – An updated ribbon menu featuring new icons, enhanced tool tips and increased help and tutorials to improve the overall user experience within the software suite.
  • Beidou Post-Processing – Trimble Business Center now supports Beidou for post-processing applications.

Features Trimble R3 GPS Geodetic :

  • Survey-grade L1 GPS receiver
  • Brings precise sub-centimeter control to your site
  • Rugged PDA design
  • Runs the Microsoft Windows Mobile for Pocket PC operating system
  • Combine with Trimble Digital Fieldbook software

GPS Geodetic Trimble R3 is a complete L1 GPS post-processed solution. Combining an L1 GPS receiver and antenna, rugged handheld controller, and easy-to-use field and office software, GPS Geodetic Trimble R3 system is a great solution for collecting topo data via a PPK survey to bring precise sub-centimeter control to your site. The system operates without line-of-sight between points, and it can operate day or night in any weather.

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