Yamaha F-300 BET / FL-300 BET – 300PK Mesin Tempel

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Yamaha F-300 BET / FL-300 BET – 300PK Mesin Tempel


Introducing the next generation of Yamaha Offshore outboards.

Yamaha proudly announces the next generation of V6 Offshore four-stroke outboards, the F300B, F250D and F225F.

Highly evolved and perfectly adapted to the offshore marine environment. With their big bore 4.2 litre displacement, these engines are exceptionally powerful. Their big capacity has been matched with Yamaha’s Variable Camshaft Timing system that dramatically increases power and throttle response at low and mid range RPM. This allows Yamaha’s new 4.2 litre big-bore V6 Offshore Outboards to deliver awesome “out of the hole” performance and mid-range acceleration you have to feel to believe.

Class leading 4.2L capacity has been achieved by using a highly-advanced thermally-applied plasma fusion process on the cylinder walls. This is a feature, more commonly found on high performance sports cars, that makes Yamaha’s new V6 Offshore outboards like no other outboard motor ever made.

They have no conventional steel cylinder sleeves, yet the cylinder walls are 60% harder than steel. Sleeveless cylinders mean larger cylinder bores for increased displacement, resulting in more power and torque. This is all achieved without increasing the overall size of the engine.

It also results in better cooling properties and dramatically lighter weight. Amazing weight savings have been achieved on Yamaha’s new Offshore V6 range for maximum performance without sacrificing durability. In fact these motors are the lightest in their class by quite a margin.

All air entering the engine block of each Yamaha V6 Offshore outboard is routed through a single 75mm electronically-controlled throttle valve. Working in concert with the Precision Multi-Point Fuel Injection System, together they help ensure the precise amount of air and fuel necessary for optimum power and fuel efficiency.

Yamaha V6 Offshore outboards are compatible with Yamaha’s new electronic rigging system. Featuring a new 5” high-contrast, multi-engine, LCD display, new Electronic Controls, and new key switches and start/stop panels, this system offers more convenience, flexibility, and information than ever before.

mesin tempel yamaha 4 tak

Spesifikasi Yamaha F-300 BET / FL-300 BET – 300PK Mesin Tempel


300 PK


Tipe Mesin


24-Valve, DOHC – VCT, Direct Action, 60° V6


Tinggi Transom


X = 25.3 in U = 30.3 in


Volume isi Silender (cm3)


4169 cc

Diameter x Langkah


96.0 mm x 96.0 mm

Jangkauan Operasi Maksimun


5000 – 6000 rpm

Perbandingan Kompresi



Sistem Induksi Bahan Bakar


Electronic Fuel Injection

Sistem Pengapian


TCI Micro-Computer

Konsumsi Bahan Bakar


96.6 l/h @5500 r/min

Perbandingan Gigi


1.75 (21/12)

Sistem Pelumas


Wet Sump

Metode Trim & Tilt


Power Trim Tilt

Sistem Starter



Sistem Kemudi




260-268 kg



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