AZ Instrument 7530 CO2 Controller

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AZ Instrument 7530 CO2 Controller

AZ Instrument 7530 CO2 Controller has the big LCD, which could show the CO2 concentration value with chart, so the 7530 AZ could be used for the CO2 monitor for the indoor air quality and green house CO2 measurement. It could be also operated and met with all work space, office, hospital, school, station, residential, commercial building or home usage.


  • Accurate 2-Channel low drift NDIR CO2 measuring
  • Programmable CO2 zone value & CO2 center value to control output power on/off
  • External CO2 sensor to be used in closed space
  • Display real time CO2 value
  • Display CO2 chart with variable time zoom levels
  • Max. /Min. recall function
  • Audible alarm warns CO2 concentration*Target zone indicator
  • Built-in Day/Night auto detection to override CO2 control
  • Monitoring& Controlling CO2 value in Green house, residential and commercial building CO2 alarms co2 concentration
Model 7530
CO2 Range 0~5000 ppm
CO2 Resolution 1 ppm (0~1000 ppm);
5 ppm (1000~2000 ppm) ;
10 ppm (>2000 ppm)
CO2 Accuracy (below 3000 ppm) ±50 ppm or ±5% of reading, whichever is greater
CO2 Accuracy (above 3000 ppm) ±7% of reading
Warm-up Time 30 Seconds
CO2 Response Time <2 min for 63% of step change or
<4.6min for 90% step change
LCD Size 104(L) * 47(W) mm
Meter Size 158(L) * 106(W) * 50(H) mm
Sensor Size 124(L) * 33(W) * 26(H) mm
Operating Temperature 0~50℃
Operating RH% 5~95% RH (avoid condensation)
Storage Temperature -20~60℃
Storage RH% 5~95% RH (avoid condensation)
Power Supply AC 100~240 VAC
Piggyback socket load 5A@250VAC; 10A@120VAC
Weight ~700g Supplier dan Distributor AZ-Instrument di Indonesia, Jual AZ Instrument 7530 CO2 Controller, Berbagai Merek Tersedia di

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