Bosean BH-4S Portable 4-in-1 Gas Detector

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Bosean BH-4S Portable 4-in-1 Gas Detector

The 4 in 1 gas detector detects O2 CO H2S and LEL Gas from Bosean, which is a specialist manufacturer of gas detectors. This type is the top series from Bosean, industrial grade, and can connect to a PC.

  • Pengoperasian yang mudah
  • Desain yang ringkas
  • Catatan data 500pcs, dapat dihubungkan dengan komputer melalui perangkat lunak

Product Description

Bosean BH-4S Portable 4-in-1 Gas Detector

The BH-4S Portable 4-in-1 Gas Detector is an excellent economical option for large-scale detection of CO, O2, H2S, and CH4 gases. With numerous customizable options, such as language, low-alarm, high-alarm, and calibrations, this gas detector is created to work exactly the way that you want it to. Along with the customizability, the extremely easy-to-use interface was designed with a goal of maximum simplicity in mind, making this product very easy to get used to.

The LCD screen display shows clear and concise readings, along with visual, verbal, and vibration alerts when gas is detected at a level outside of your alarm settings. On top of all this, the BH-4S is capable of being connected with a computer so data can be easily uploaded for saving and later evaluation.

Features Bosean BH-4S Portable 4-in-1 Gas Detector

  • Natural diffusion
  • 32-bit built-in MCU, high reliability and self-adaptation ability
  • Easy operation
  • CSTN colorful LCD, more intuitionistic, abundant and clear indication
  • Compact design which helps with easy carrying
  • High strength engineering plastics and compound anti-slippery rubber; high strength, water-proof and dust-proof
  • 500pcs data records, can be connected with a computer via software. Can print the data records, store data records, and make data analysis

Specifications Bosean BH-4S Portable 4-in-1 Gas Detector

Accuracy ≦ 5% Full Scale
Response time T<30s
Indication LCD diplays real-time and system status;
LED, sound, and vibration alert for gas leakage, fault and low voltage
Operating Environment Operating temperature: -20℃~50℃ (for toxic gas)
Gas sampling method Natural Diffusion
Operating voltage DC3.7V Li-on battery 1800mAh
Working time ≧8h continuously
Charging time 6h~8h
Sensor life 2 years
Protection category IP65
Weight about 400g (with battery)
Dimension 100mm×60mm×30mm



Bosean BH 4S – Datasheet

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Accessories Included

1 * Unit
1 * Aluminum case
1 * Manual
1 * USB data cable
1 * Charger
1 * Lanyard

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