Coal Moisture Meter DM300S

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Product Description

Coal Moisture Meter DM300S

Coal Moisture Meter DM300S – Measure the Moisture Content of Coal, Charcoal Iron Powder, Flour etc

This Moisture Meter is used for measuring moisture content of coal, slag, soil, silver sand, chemical combination powder, coal powder and other powder materials

It is applicable of mining industry, chemical industry and other relevant industry.

The proprietary sensor technology has a wide working range, can be inserted into the measurement, and quickly displayed.
Multi-gear settings to measure the moisture of different substances.

Specifications Coal Moisture Meter DM300S

  • Measuring range of moisture: Double precision: 0~5% Single precision: 0~80%
  • Operating environment: -5℃~+60℃
  • Resolution: 0.1/0.01
  • Accuracy: 0.2(1+n)% & 0.05(1+n)%
  • Response time: 1 second
  • Display: large screen with backlight LCD
  • Probe length: about 220mm (customizable)
  • Power supply: 9V battery
  • Dimension: 160×607×27 mm
  • Weight: +-200 grams

Use steps

  1. Install by screwing the sensor probe into the socket of the body.
  2. Press the power switch ON/OFF, the digital display on the LCD screen is within 00.0 +- 0.5. If it is not within this range, adjust the zero adjustment knob (ZERO) slowly to make the number display within 00.0+-0.5. Press S/D to switch between single and double precision.
  3. Insert the probe into the test object so that the test object is in good contact with the probe. After the value is stable, the displayed number is the moisture value of the test object.
  4. Numerical verification: When there is an error in the measured value, please turn the dial. For example, the actual water content of the measured object is 15%, and the value displayed in the 7-step test is 14%. Rotate the dial clockwise to make the display display 15%. Then check the position pointed by the dial. This gear is selected when it is material. If the displayed value is greater than the actual moisture value, turn the dial counterclockwise to make the value reach the actual moisture value; also write down this gear, no need to verify later.



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