Elitech ETC-200+ Thermostat

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Product Description

Elitech ETC-200+ Thermostat

The ETC-200+, manufactured by Elitech, is a temperature controller designed to be utilized for all kinds of high-temperature cold storages, cooling cabinets, water chillers, seafood machines and small heating equipment etc. It features optional cooling and heating modes and a timing defrost. Furthermore, it has a temperature measuring and controlling range of -40 up to +120℃.

Product Overview

Suitable for all kinds of high temperature cold storage, cooling cabinet, water chiller, seafood machine and small heating equipment etc.

Features  Elitech ETC-200+ Thermostat

  • Refrigerating, heating modes optional.
  • Password protection.
  • Timing defrost.
  • Exceeding temperature alarm (buzzer)

Main Function

Refrigeration,Lock,heating,Defrost,1NTC,Temperature Calibration

Specifications Elitech ETC-200+ Thermostat

  • Power supply: 220VAC±10%, 50/60HZ
  • Temperature measuring range: -40~+120℃
  • Temperature controlling range: -40~+120℃
  • Resolution: 0.1 at (-40~+99.9℃), 1℃ in other range
  • Accuracy: ±1℃
  • Compressor, defrost output contact capacity: 10A/220VAC (the max load it can drive is 0.5HP/220VAC)
  • Sensor type: NTC, 2M
  • Alarming: buzzer
  • Shell: gray ABS flame retardant material
  • Safety level: IP54 (front panel)

Here are the elitech etc 200+ . digital thermostat settings

F01 Set the upper limit of temperature. For example, if the desired temperature is 2°c to 5°c then F01 is set at number 5.

F02 Set the lower temperature limit, which means the lowest temperature setting desired. Or the temperature point at which the compressor will shut down or stand by.

F03 temperature calibration, for temperature display calibration. Or for temperature display display with other temperature tools. Take as an example. The temperature that appears on the display is 5°c, while other thermometers read 3°c, so in order for the display on the 200 etc display to be 3°c the same is by lowering the 2-point setting. Or at -2 and vice versa if you want to increase then also increase.

F04 Start-up delay, meaning that this is a space setting or it can also be interpreted as a waiting time. For example, if the temperature setting is between 2°c to 5°c, when at 2°c the compressor turns off, the room temperature will increase to 3,4,5 and should be at 5°c the compressor should turn on. But with the start-up delay setting, the compressor does not start immediately. Once the temperature reaches point 5 the compressor will start after reaching the time specified in this start-up delay. If within 5 minutes, the compressor will start after the temperature reaches 5 °c in an additional 5 minutes. Even though the temperature is already at 9°C, if it hasn’t been 5 minutes the compressor hasn’t turned on.

F05 Defrost cycle, this setting means setting how long it takes to defrost or open it. For example, if it is set at number 6 then every 6 hours there will be a discovery or disbursement.

F06 Defrosting time, this setting is to set how long the disbursement or disbursement process takes. For example, if it is set at 30, then the defrost is 30 minutes.

F07 Alarm temperature, the current value exceeds the temperature limit. This function is to set at what temperature point the alarm will sound. For example, if it is set at 20 then if the room reaches a temperature of 20°c the alarm will sound or sometimes there is only a blinking sign.
F08 Mode selection, this setting is for usage settings. The purpose of the thermostat etc 200 can be used for cooling or heating engines. The standard setting is “0” or as a cooling thermostat, and if this thermostat is to be used on a heating engine, F08 is set to “1”



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