Eutech DO 2700 Benchtop Dissolved Oxygen Meter

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Product Description

Eutech DO 2700 Benchtop Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Eutech DO 2700 Benchtop Dissolved Oxygen Meter come with intuitive, advance set-up options for extensive user-customization at an affordable price! Meter comes with self-stirring probe and bi-directional RS232 – ideal for BOD and other Dissolved Oxygen applications in the laboratory. Designed for optimal performance and versatility.

Features Eutech DO 2700 Benchtop Dissolved Oxygen Meter :

  • Measures Dissolved Oxygen in % saturation, ppm, mg/L at ±0.5 % full scale accuracy
  • Automatic calibration at 100 % and independent 0 % – greater measurement sensitivity during low oxygen levels
  • Accurate readings in varying conditions with Temperature, Salinity and Barometric Pressure Compensation
  • Non-volatile memory holds up to 500 data points – time and date-stamped for GLP compliance
  • Bi-directional RS232 for easy data transfer to computer
  • Cal-due alarm – no more out-dated calibrations!
  • Auto-logging function for convenient continuous monitoring
  • Limit alarm alerts when reading falls out of range
  • Password protection for setup and calibration


• Environmental studies • Wastewater and water treatment • Ecological studies • Education institution

Specifications Eutech DO 2700 Benchtop Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Product Specification Description
Dissolved Oxygen
Range 0.00 to 50.00 mg/L
Resolution 0.01 mg/L
Accuracy ±0.5 % full scale
% Saturation Of Oxygen
Range 0 to 600.0 %
Resolution 0.1 %
Accuracy ±0.5 % full scale
Salinity Correction
Range 0 to 50.0 ppt
Resolution 0.1 ppt
Barometric Pressure Correction
Range 450 to 825 mmHg (automatic)
Resolution 1 mmHg
Method Automatic correction with built-in sensor
Range 0.0 to 50.0 ºC / 32.0 to 122.0 ºF
Resolution 0.1 ºC / 0.1 ºF
Accuracy ±0.3 ºC / ±0.5 ºF
Power Requirements 9 V DC adapter, 1.3 A (100/240 VAC, SMPS)

Order Information

Order No.

ECDO270042 Eutech DO 2700 Meter With Self-Stirring Dissolved Oxygen/BOD/ATC Electrode (EC620SSP)



Eutech 2700 Series – Brochure

Jual Eutech SALT 6+ Portable Salinity Meter dengan harga murah dan berkualitas bergaransi tentunya. dapat di kirim ke seluruh wilayah Indonesia.

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