FeelTech FY6600-50M Signal Generator

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Product Description

FeelTech FY6600-50M Signal Generator

FY6600 series dual-channel function/arbitrary waveform generator is a set of function signal generator, arbitrary waveform generator, pulse signal generator, frequency sweeper, counter and frequency meter in one function, high performance, cost-effective, multi-function Signal generator. Rich shortcut keys greatly simplify the complex operation process and greatly enhance the operability of the instrument. Users do not have to spend a lot of time to learn and become familiar with the operation of the instrument, and they can use it proficiently. Particularly suitable for electronic enthusiasts, scientific research institutions and high-tech enterprises.

The instrument adopts DDS direct digital synthesis technology to produce accurate, stable, low-distortion output signals. All parameters are calibrated by internal programs; standard PC software, all functions of the instrument can be controlled by the host computer software, and also can use the upper position. The machine software saves the arbitrary waveform and saves the output waveform to the signal generator; the communication protocol is open, making the secondary development very simple; large-scale integrated circuit, surface mount technology, high reliability, long service life; and output short-circuit protection Yes, all signal outputs can work 60s under load short-circuit conditions.

1. The FY6600 uses a professional 14Bit high-speed D/A chip instead of a 12-bit D/A resistor network built with several inexpensive resistors. The higher the resolution, the smoother the waveform details. It is recommended to use an oscilloscope to reduce the amplitude resolution and time base to observe the details of the sine wave. The waveform detail and smoothness of the two solutions will immediately jump on the paper.

2. The FY6600 series sampling rate is upgraded to 250MSa/s, and the waveform contour of the instrument is much clearer than the 200MSa/s sampling rate at the same frequency;

3, FY6600 series waveform memory depth upgrade to 8192 * 14bits, high-precision signal details can be restored. The waveform length is 4 times that of your partner.

4, the industry’s original very practical VCO function, see the feature introduction.

5, FY6600 series phase resolution up to 0.1 degrees, users can more accurately control the delay of the two signals;

6, the signal output terminal using pure copper material, not plastic coated zinc alloy material, the details are attitude;

7, the instrument uses imported long-life keys, feel comfortable;

8. The first two-channel waveforms are displayed on the LCD interface at the same time. (The non-allegative users mimic our 2015 version and only indicate one waveform)

9, 4 TTL output makes the application of the instrument more extensive;

10, small signal is particularly good, FY6600 can output 1mVPP small signal amplitude resolution of 1mV, and can be done 1mVpp, 10mVpp, 100mVpp, 1Vpp and other different step values, the maximum amplitude range 1mVpp~20Vpp stepless adjustment .

11, the frequency range is wider, the maximum frequency range of sine wave is 1uHz~60MHz, the maximum range of square wave is 1uHz~25MHz, other wave frequency range is 1uHz~20MHz, the full range of frequency resolution is 1uHz, the whole range of frequency is not divided, direct digital setting ;

12. The rising edge time within the square wave 5V is as low as 7nS, and the maximum output frequency can reach 25MHz;

13, more abundant waveform types, the instrument not only presets 33 kinds of common waveforms for the user, but also provides users with up to 64 groups (8192 * 14Bit) of user-defined waveform storage space, the user can use the host computer provided by our company Software editor download; it is worth mentioning that our pulse wave pulse width not only supports the duty cycle adjustment method, but also supports the pulse width to be accurately set between 20nS-1S (our friend’s products mimicking our interface do not have this adjustment Way). The instrument output waveform totals 97 groups.

14, powerful scanning function, the instrument not only supports the internal parameter settings on the signal frequency, amplitude, duty cycle, bias level parameters of the scan, but also supports the external analog voltage on the instrument output frequency, amplitude, duty cycle, bias Level modulation;

15, more comprehensive measurement function, the instrument can measure the signal frequency, period, positive pulse width, negative pulse width and duty cycle, and all parameters are displayed in the same interface, do not need to flip back and forth view; counter function has DC And AC two kinds of coupling methods, effectively solve the problem of AC coupling count inaccurate. The maximum measurement frequency of the instrument can reach 100MHz, and the minimum measurement frequency is 0.01Hz.

Specifications  FeelTech FY6600-50M Signal Generator

Minimum pulse width 20ns(All models of pulse wave minimum width can   reach 20ns)
Min. Resolution   on all frequency range 1μHz (Min.   resolution can reach 1μHz on all frequency range to ensure adjusting accuracy   under high frequency. For example, it can output 10.000000000001MHz signal).
Accuracy ±20ppm
Stability ±1ppm/ 3hours
Waveform   Characteristics
Waveforms Sine, Square (Duty Cycle adjustable), Pulse (Pulse width and cycle time   can be set accurately), Triangle/Ramp, Sawtooth   Wave, CMOS, Four channels TTL, DC, Half wave, Full wave, Positive Step,   Inverse Step, Positive Exponent, Inverse Exponent, Lorenz Pulse, Multitone,   Noise, ECG, Trapezoidal Pulse, Sinc Pulse, Narrow Pulse, Gauss White Noise,   AM, FM, and other 64 sets customer-defined waveform.
Non-Volatile   Storage Can store 64   user-defined arbitrary waveforms, (8K 14bits) * 64
Waveform Length 8192 points * 14bits
Sampling Rate 250MSa/s
Vertical Resolution 14 bits
Sine Harmonic   Suppression ≥50dBc(<1MHz);   ≥45dBc(1MHz~20MHz);
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.5%   (20Hz~20kHz,0dBm)
Square Rise/Fall Time ≤7ns (VPP<5V)
Overshoot ≤5%
Duty Cycle 0.01%~99.99%   (Resolution 0.01%)
Sawtooth wave Linearity >99%   (0.01Hz~10kHz)
Output   characteristics
Amplitude(VPP) Frequency≤10MHz:   1mVpp~20Vpp;

10MHz<Frequency≤20MHz:   1mVpp~10Vpp;

Frequency>20MHz:   1mVpp~5Vpp;

Resolution 1mV
Amplitude Stability ±0.5%/   5 Hours
Amplitude flatness ±2.5%(<10MHz);±5%(>10MHz);
Waveform Output
Impedance 50Ω±10%(Typical)
Protection All channels can work more than 60 seconds   when the load is short-circuited.
DC Offset
Offset    Range Frequency≤20MHz:   ±10V;  Frequency>20MHz: ±2.5V;
Offset Resolution 1mV
Phase Feature
Phase   range 0~359.99°
Phase resolution 0.01°
TTL Output
TTL Level   Amplitude >3Vpp
Fan-out >8 TTL LOAD
Rise/Fall Time ≤10ns
CMOS Output
Low Electric Level <0.3V
High Electric Level 1V~10V
Rise/Fall Time ≤18ns
External Measurement
Function Frequency, Period, Positive/Negative Pulse Width, Duty Cycle
Input   Voltage Range 1Vpp~20Vpp
Frequency   Meter Resolution 0.01Hz (Gate Time = 100S)
Range 0.01Hz~100MHz
Sensitivity Gate Time 3   grades (1S, 10S, 100S) adjustable
Counter Range 0-4294967295
Coupling DC, AC
Working Mode Manual
Period Measurement   Range 5ns ~ 20s DC coupling   measurement
Pulse Width Measurement   Range 0ns ~ 20s
Resolution 5ns
Duty Cycle Range (Display) 0% ~ 100%
Carrier   Waveform Sine,   Square, Ramp, Arbitrary (except DC)
Sweep Type Linear or   Logarithm
Sweep Direction Up, Down and roundtrip sweep directions;
Sweep   Objects Frequency,   Amplitude, Offset, Duty Cycle
Sweep Time 0.01S~999.99S/Step
Setting range Starting   position and Finishing position can be set arbitrarily.
Sweep Range Decided by Parameters setting.
VCO   (Voltage   Control Output)
Modulation signal range to input 0~5V
VCO signal frequency range 0-1000Hz
VCO control object voltage controlling frequency (VCF), voltage controlling amplitude   (VCA), voltage controlling offset, voltage controlling duty cycle.
VCO special function Can Amplitude Modulate (AM) or Frequency Modulate (FM) by external analog   signal.
Modulation Type AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK
Carrier Waveform Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Arbitrary waveform (Except DC)
Source Internal (CH2) / External (VCO IN Port)
Modulating Waveform Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Arbitrary waveform
Depth 0% to 100%
Modulating Frequency Internal : 1μHz~1MHz;  External:   1μHz~2KHz;
Source Internal (CH2) / External (VCO IN Port)
Modulating Waveform Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Arbitrary waveform
Modulating Frequency Internal : 1μHz~1MHz;  External:   1μHz~2KHz;
Source Internal (CH2) / External (VCO IN Port)
Modulating Waveform Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Arbitrary waveform
Phase Deviation 0° to 360°
Modulating Frequency Internal : 1μHz~1MHz;  External:   1μHz~2KHz;
Source Internal (CH2), External (ASK IN Port), Manual
Modulating Waveform Square with 50% duty cycle.
Key Frequency 1μHz~10MHz
Source Internal (CH2), External (FSK IN Port), Manual
Modulating Waveform Square with 50% duty cycle.
Key Frequency 1μHz~10MHz
Source Internal (CH2), External (PSK IN Port), Manual
Modulating Waveform Square with 50% duty cycle.
Key Frequency 1μHz~10MHz
Burst   Function
Carrier   Waveform Sine,   Square, Ramp, Arbitrary (except DC)
Burst Count 1~1048575
Trigger Source Manual, Internal, External (AC/DC)
General   Specifications
Display Type 2.4 inch, TFT Color Display.
Save & Load Amount 20
Position 01 to 20 (01 for start default value)
Interface Type USB to Serial interface
Protocol Command line mode, providing communication   protocols.
Communicating Speed 115200bps (Industrial standard)
Power Voltage Range AC100V~240V
Technic SMD, LSI, Reliable and durable
Buzzer Can be turned on/off by setting.
Operation Buttons and knob   continuously.
Environment Temp.: 0~40℃, Humidity: ﹤80%
Size 200mm * 190mm *   90mm (L * W * H)
Weight 900g
Package   Size 25cm * 21cm *   10cm (L * W * H)
Package Weight 1kg(Main engine,   accessories and packing materials)



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