Horiba IT-545NH High-Accuracy Infrared Thermometers [Handheld type]

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Product Description

Horiba IT-545NH High-Accuracy Infrared Thermometers [Handheld type]

Industry Leading* High Accuracy Thermometer

The hand-held IT-545 is an industry leading* high accuracy , thermal-radiation-type thermometer that uses a point marker to clearly designate the measurement location.

In addition to being very portable, the IT-545 is easy to use, and is equipped with a range of advanced features that provide a high level of functionality.

It is ideal for remote temperature measurement in dangerous applications such as monitoring abnormal heat generation in voltage transformer equipment, and for quick, accurate and hygienic monitoring of the storage temperature of foodstuffs.

The twin-beam laser marker provides clear target designation, and the operator is immediately notified of temperature abnormalities by an alarm and flashing of the marker.

Features Horiba IT-545NH High-Accuracy Infrared Thermometers [Handheld type]

High-accuracy (+/-1°C), high repeatability (+/-0.3°C), and fast response (within 0.8 sec, 95%)
Easy-to-carry, compact and lightweight design
Quick, accurate readings, even under rapidly changing ambient temperatures minimizing “temperature drift”
Wide measurement area
Abnormal temperature warning by audio alarm and flashing marker*
*Only for models designated IT-545NH and IT-545


<For standard measurements>

To confirm the efficacy of roof greening or heat-island prevention materials
Non-contact testing of high-voltage equipment such as a power supply system
Temperature measurement as a part of lab tests
Surface temperature measurement of ICs and other minute surfaces

<For high-precision measurements>

For biochemistry, physics and chemistry research
For definite safety judgment, such as safety confirmation of temperature
When keeping the record of temperature inspection result is needed
Temperature measurement for refrigerated transport
For strict food temperature management

Specifications Horiba IT-545NH High-Accuracy Infrared Thermometers [Handheld type]

Models Narrow-focus model : IT-545NH, IT-545N
Spot-focus model : IT-545S
Spectral response 8  to 14μm
Measurement temp. range IT-545NH :-50 to 1000℃
IT-545N    :-50 to 500℃
IT-545S    :-50 to 500℃
Display resolution 0.1℃ for 0.0 to 199.9℃
1℃ for other than above
-50 to -0℃
0.0 to 199.9℃
200 to 500℃
501 to 1000℃
±(5% of absolute value of reading +1.5)℃
±(0.5% of reading +0.5)℃
±(0.5% of reading +0.5)℃  [Only for IT-545NH]
-50 to -0℃
0.0 to 199.9℃
200 to 500℃
501 to 1000℃
±1℃  [Only for IT-545NH]
Response time Within 0.8 sec (95%)
Measuring diameter IT-545NH :Ø40/500 mm (DS*2  12.5 : 1)
IT-545N   :Ø40/500 mm (DS*2  12.5 : 1)
IT-545S   :Ø2.5/30 mm
Sight IT-545NH : Twin beam laser marker (Class 2)
IT-545N   : Twin beam laser marker (Class 2)
IT-545S   : LED spot marker
Operating temp. & humidity 0 to 50℃, 35 to 85% RH, no condensation
Dimensions / Mass 40(W) x 170(L) x 36(H) mm / Approx. 140 g (batteries included)

*1: Temp. 18 to 28℃, Humidity 55%RH, Emissivity (Ɛ)=1.00
*2: DS = Distance to spot size


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