Landtek HM-934-1+ Barcol Impressor

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Product Description

Landtek HM-934-1+ Barcol Impressor

Features Landtek HM-934-1+ Barcol Impressor

  • A digital indentation hardness tester, is the latest design and development of our company.
  • It is characterized in that provided with a balance positioning, a digital display of hardness value, and a non disassembly calibration and adjusting.
  • It is with good stability, convenient calibration, and high accuracy of detection.
  • Small in size, portable. Single hand operation, easy to use. Can be used in any occasion as long as the hand can reach.
  • Wide test range, can test from very soft pure aluminum to a particularly hard aluminum alloy. effective test range equivalent to the Brinell Hardness of 25~135HB.
  • No need to support. The hardness tester is only tested  on one side of the sample without support.
  • Can be used for measuring not only Barcol Hardness, but also Brinell Hardness (HB), Vickers Hardness (HV), Webster Hardness (HW), Rockwell Hardness (HRB/HRE/HRF/HRH).
  • With the maximum hold function, hold the maximum  hardness value during measurement.
  • With the function of calculating the average  value, and the average value of the 29 sets of data are  calculated at most.
  • Provide Bluetooth data output choice.

Specifications Landtek HM-934-1+ Barcol Impressor

0Hba~100Hba,Amount to 25HBW~135HBW
Indication Error
Repeatability Error
Brinell Hardness
Vickers Hardness
Wenster Hardness
Rockwell hardness
Maximum Hold
Average Calculation
Operating Condition
Temperature:0ºC~50ºC   Humidity:<80%RH
Power Supply
2×1.5V AAA(UM-4)Battery
390g(Not Including Batteries)
Main Unit
2 Pins
2 Standard Blocks
Screw Driver
Carrying Case
Operation Manual
Bluetooth Data Adapter with Software


Landtek HM-934-1+ Barcol Impressor Datasheet



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