Lutron LBOX-405 Inductance Decade Box

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Product Description

Lutron LBOX-405 Inductance Decade Box

Features Lutron LBOX-405 Inductance Decade Box :

  • General applications, Troubleshooting, maintenance, Education and Vocational training, Production line testing, Radio and TV services, Working standards, Research design & develop, Physics laboratory work
  • Pocket size, offering accurate, reliable performance.
  • 10 uH to 111.1 mH, wide range and high resolution ( 10 uH per step ), practical and versatile tools.
  • With four decades of inductance.
  • Slide switches that allow the user to simply add or subtract for desired value.
  • Terminals with multi way binding posts, one to switch shield case.
  • ABS plastic housing case, rugged components.

Specifications Lutron LBOX-405 Inductance Decade Box :

  • Range 10 uH to 111.1 mH ( 10 uH per step )
  • Accuracy 5% inductors used throughout.
  • @ 23 ± 5℃
  • @ 1 KHz test frequency
  • Max. 10 mA DC or AC.
  • Rating Current Internal Approx. 0.5 uH.
  • Residual Inductance Power Supply None.
  • Operating 0 to ℃ 50 ℃(32 ℉ to 122 ℉).
  • Temperature Operating Less than 80% RH. Humidity
  • Weight 333 g/0.74 lb.
  • Dimension 14.7 cm x 11.7 cm x 5.5 cm.( 5.79 x 4.61 x 2.16 inch ).

Accessory Included :

  • Operation Manual

Testing Procedure :
1) Start with all switches up ( OUT ) for min. inductance.
2) Switch down ( IN ) to add Inductance value.
3) The ” Ground Terminal ” is connected to the metal enclosure of all switches For some special application may connect the ” Ground Terminal ” to the external equipment to prevent other environment interference.



Lutron LBOX-405 Datasheet



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