Mitech MT-1B Portable Magnetic Flaw Detector

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Product Description

Mitech MT-1B Portable Magnetic Flaw Detector

The MITECH MT-1B Material Defect Detector is a measuring tool used to assist users in detecting the degree of magnetic particle cracking in construction materials. This device is equipped with a USB communication storage function that can support the user’s work in every use.

This Gauge is widely used in the manufacturing industries of aircraft, boiler and pressure vessels, electricity, oil field, shipbuilding, turbine and combustion engine parts, mines, engines, standard parts, oil pumps, vehicle parts, bridging, chemical, trains fire, large mechanical components, steel structure equipment etc.

The MITECH MT-1B type Flaw detector is capable of detecting surface forging, quenching, welding, fatigue, for example such as irregular chain workpieces, crankshafts, bearings, high strength bolts, springs, forgings, petrochemical pipes, valves, propellers, gears, anchor chain, weld seam etc.

Features MITECH MT-1B Material Defect Detector Tool :

  • With a simple shape, so the tool can be used comfortably.
  • Has a fast response time, so it can work only in a short time.
  • It has portable dimensions, so users can easily take measurements in the field.
  • Easy to operate.

Specifications MITECH MT-1B :

  • Measuring range: 1mm.
  • Communication storage: USB.
  • Working time : 4 hours.
  • Main unit weight : 0.75 Kg main unit, 1.5 Kg magnetic yoke (including cable line).
  • Total weight: 3.25 Kg.
  • Dimensions: 100 x 204 x 36 mm.


Mitech MT-1B – Datasheet

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