Picotest P9610A Mixed Mode Power Supply

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Product Description

Picotest P9610A Mixed Mode Power Supply

The P961xA Series of programmable DC power supplies gives you the performance of the top-of-the-line power supplies at an outstanding price. All models provide clean power, excellent regulation and a fast transient response. The P961xA Series is designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications in circuit design and verification, production testing, and quality assurance with the superior quality and reliability that you have come to expect from Picotest.
Single-Output Autoranging Power Supplies

These single output power supplies offer continuous autoranging, eliminating the need to manually select the optimum range. All of the power supplies power is available to you across the voltage and current ranges giving you the ultimate in flexibility. Output load is protected against overvoltage and overcurrent, which are easily monitored and adjusted from the front panel and remote interface. Remote sense is available to eliminate the errors due to voltage drops on the load leads.Low Noise and Excellent Regulation

Low Noise and Excellent Regulation

LESS than 0.01% load and line regulation keep the outputs steady and stable. Low noise assures clean power for precision circuitry while the low common mode current (< 1.5uArms) provides isolation from power line current injection.

Front Panel Operation

The intuitive interface allows you to monitor both voltage and current simultaneously for any one output from the front panel on an easy to read display. A optical knob doesn’t get dirty and allows you to quickly adjust the output at the resolution you need for precise and reliable results. You can program voltage or current sequences.

Remote Interface

All models come standard with USB and GPIB interfaces. You can program both voltage and current. In addition, you can monitor the output terminals for voltage and current, while a query command lets you read the programmed voltage and current. And programming is done in easy to use SCPI.

More Features:
  • Single output – Two Models
  • P9610A 108W (36V/7A), P9611A 150W (60V/6A)
  • Excellent Load and Line Regulation
    • < 0.01% + 2mV Voltage change for any load change
    • < 0.01% + 250uA Current change load for any load change
  • Very fast transient response times (<30us – P9610A/<50ms P9611A)
  • Very fast settling times (<40ms – P9610A/<50ms P9611A)
  • Constant voltage, constant current, programmed sequencing
  • High accuracy and resolution
    • Voltage 0.05% + 10mV (Output + offset)
    • Current 0.2% + 10mA (Output + offset)
  • Low ripple & noise
  • GPIB and USB Connections optional
  • Programming Compatible with the Keysight E3632A
  • No Shorting Bar Necessary
  • Remote sense, Master -Slave Operation (P9610A only)

Spesifications Picotest P9610A Mixed Mode Power Supply

Output Ratings (@ 0°C ~ 40°C) (P9610A/P9611A)
Voltage: 0 to 36 V / 0 to 60 V³ (P9611A)
Current: 0 to 7 A / 0 to 6 A (P9611A)
Programming Accuracy¹ 1 Year (@ 25°C ±5°C), (% of Output + Offset)
Voltage: 0.05% + 10 mV
Current: 0.2% + 10 mA
Read-Back Accuracy¹ 1 Year (over USB or front panel with respect to actual output (@ 25°C ±5°C),
(% of Output + Offset)
Voltage: 0.05% + 5 mV
Current: 0.15% + 5 mA
Ripple and Noise (with outputs ungrounded, or either output terminal grounded, 20 Hz to 20 MHz
Voltage: < 0.35 mVrms / < 0.5 mVrms (P9611A)
< 2 mV p-p / < 3 mV p-p (P9611A)
Current: < 2 mArms
Common Mode Current: < 1.5 µArms
Load Regulation ±(% of Output + Offset)
Change in output voltage or current for any load change within ratings.
Voltage: < 0.01 % + 2 mV
Current: < 0.01 % + 250 µA
Line Regulation ±(% of Output + Offset)
Change in output voltage or current for any load change within ratings.
Voltage: 0.01 % + 2 mV
Current: 0.01% + 250µA
Programming Resolution
Voltage: 1 mV
Current: 0.21 mA / 1 mA (P9611A)
Read-Back Resolution
Voltage: 1 mV
Current: 0.1 mA / 0.21 mA (P9611A)
Meter Resolution
Voltage: 1 mV / 10 mV (P9611A)
Current: 0.1 mA / 1 mA (P9611A)
Transient Response Time
Less than 30/50 usec for output recover to within 15 mV following a change in output current from full load to half load or vice versa.
Command Processing Time via GPIB
Read-Back Commands: Maximum time to read-back output by MEASure? commands < 20 ms
Output Programming Range (maximum programmable values)
Voltage: 0 to 37.8 V / 0 to 60 V (P9611A)
Current: 0 to 7.35 A / 0 to 6 A (P9611A)
Temperature Coeffiecient ±(% of Output + Offset)
Maximum change in output / read-back per °C after a 30-minute warm-up.
Voltage: 0.01 % + 3 mV / 0.01 % + 10 mV (P9611A)
Current: 0.02 % + 3 mA
Stability (% of Output + Offset)
Maximum change in output / read-back per °C after a 30-minute warm-up.
Voltage: 0.02 % + 1 mV / 0.05 % + 10 mV (P9611A)
Current: 0.1 % + 1 mA / 0.15 % + 2 mA (P9611A)
Voltage Programming Speed
Maximum time required for output voltage to settle within 1 % of its total excursion (for resistive load). Excludes command processing time.
Full Load Up (0V ~ 36V): < 40 ms / (0V~60V): < 100 ms (P9611A)
Full Load Down (36V ~ 0V): < 40 ms / (60V~0V): < 50 ms (P9611A)
No Load Up (0V ~ 36V): < 20 ms / (0V~60V): < 35 ms (P9611A)
No Load Down (36V ~ 0V): < 400 ms / (60V~0V): < 500 ms (P9611A)
General Specifications²
Item Limitation & Description
Power Supply: 100V ~ 120V (115V Range)
220V ~ 240V (230V Range)
Power Line (Hz): 47Hz ~ 63Hz
Interfaces: USB & GPIB
Power Consumption: 400VA Maximum
Size & Weight for Rack (WxHxD): 214.6 x 88.6 x 280 mm, < 2500 g (5.5 Lbs)



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