Riken Keiki SC-8000 Portable Toxic Gas Monitor

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Product Description

Riken Keiki SC-8000 Portable Toxic Gas Monitor

The SC-8000 sets the new industry standard for rugged, reliable portable toxic gas detection. Featuring a compact, lightweight, durable, waterproof, and intrinsically safe design, the SC-8000 accurately detects gas leaks in toxic gas detection applications. sc8000 H2O2


  • Semiconductor, LED, Solar Cell plants
  • Petrochemical, Chemical Plants
  • Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food Industry H2O2 Disinfection
  • Refineries
  • Gas plant, Gas supplier services
  • Chemical tanker
  • Confined space
  • Utlilities
  • Monitoring toxic gas in hazardous zone
  • Leak check at maintenance work

Features Riken Keiki SC-8000 Portable Toxic Gas Monitor

  • Realtime detection with PPM range
  • Large digital and bar graph display with back light
  • Monitor vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) fumigation and disinfection
  • Loud alarm buzzer, 95dB
  • 2 step adjustable alarm volume
  • Easy an simple operation
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • ATEX intrinsic safe design Exia IIC T4
  • Water and dust resistant IP67
  • Ergonomic design with waist strap for hands free operation
  • Datalogging standard

Specifications Riken Keiki SC-8000 Portable Toxic Gas Monitor


Sensor Type Electrochemical
Alarm Types Gas Alarm: Latching, 2 alarm
Failure Alarm: Flow failure, sensor failure, battery failure, circuit failure, calibration failure, setting current failure
Alarm Display Lamp: LED’s flash
Buzzer: Alternating high and low pitch (gas alarm), Continuous sound (failure alarm)
Display: Gas concentration on the display flashes (gas alarm), Alarm message on display flashing (failure alarm)
Audible Alarm 95dbB (A) at 30cm
Sampling Method Sample Draw, approx. 0.5L/min
Display Digital LCD with auto backlight
Digital display (7 segments) + digital bargraph (50 segments)
Power Source Lithium-ion battery (3 hours charge time)
AA Alkaline battery (3 pcs)
Continuous Operation Lithium-ion battery: 25 hours
AA Alkaline battery: 18 hours
Temp/Humidity -10 ~40ºC, Humidity 20~88% RH (without condensing)
Size 154(w) x 81(h) x 164(d)mm, weight: approx. 1.1kg (with BUL-8000
Ingress Proof Rating IP-67
Explosion Proof Intrinsically safe; Exia IIC T4
Approvals IECEx, ATEX, TIIS, CE mark
Additional Features
  • Self diagnosis system
  • Zero/Span adustment (deman zero/auto zero selectable)
  • Indication to show energizing (pilot indicator and pump driving indicator)
  • IrDA communication, Data logger (interval, alarm trend, station ID control)
  • Peak value/Average value display, buzzer selector switch (2 steps high/low)
  • Bump test function



Riken Keiki SC-8000 – Datasheet




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