Seaward PV200 Complete Kit

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Seaward PV200 Complete Kit

A compact solar PV tester with I-V curve tracing

The PV200 is a compact & cost effective I-V curve tracer that uses simple push button operation making it an efficient and versatile tester for PV systems.

The PV200 is a compact & cost effective I-V curve tracer that uses simple push button operation making it an efficient and versatile tester for PV systems. 999 datasets can be stored on the instrument and once downloaded to the SolarCert software comparison to the standard test conditions can be made.

The tester measures ground (earth) continuity, open circuit voltage, short circuit current, maximum power point voltage, current and power (with AC/DC clamp). The instrument will also give you the fill factor of the PV module or system under test.

The PV200 has a separate 1kV insulation resistance test function, eliminating the need for a separate, expensive device. Meanwhile the high contrast display on the device is clearly visible in direct sunlight.

The unit can also wirelessly capture and record real-time irradiance, ambient temperature and PV module temperature from the Solar Survey 200R. Using the Solar Survey 200R your data can be converted to standard test conditions, in SolarCerts, for you to compare to the manufacturer’s published data.

Features Seaward PV200 Complete Kit

  • All-in-one commissioning tests and I-V curve tracing.
  • Automatic fill factor calculation.
  • Ground (earth) continuity measurement with test lead null.
  • PV string open circuit and maximum power point voltage measurements up to 1000V DC.
  • PV string short current up to 15ADC.
  • PV array insulation test at 250/500/1000V.
  • Tests individual PV modules or strings.
  • Memory for up to 999 records with USB download to PC.
  • Instant NFC data transfer using the PVMobile app.
  • High contrast display, visible in bright light.

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Whats included in the PV200 Complete Kit?

Solar Survey 200R Irradiance Meter

The 200R connects wirelessly to the PV200 and gives real-time irradiance, ambient temperature and PV module temperature measurement results simultaneously to electrical tests being conducted. Results can be downloaded from the PV200 into the SolarCert reporting software included in the kit.

Solar Survey 200R Mounting Bracket

The Solar Survey 200R Mounting Bracket allows you to connect your Irradiance Meter to your solar panel and position it at the same angle as the module for optimum accuracy and ease of measurement. This means that you’ll have more hands free for using the PV20 and the PVMobile App to view instant I-V Curves in the field.

SolarCert Solar PV Reporting Software

Our SolarCert solar PV reporting software allows you to easily download and manipulate data from your PV200. View accurate and detailed I-V curves and compare against module manufacturers STC values. You can also view measured, STC and nominal values for each string; calculate and display the fill factor and performance ratio for each string, and create a performance report for an entire site or drill down into a single string with the click of a button.

AC/DC Current Clamp

The lightweight Solar AC/DC Current Clamp is a compact instrument capable of providing accurate measurements of AC or DC currents in conductors measuring up to 22mm in diameter. Used in conjunction with the PV200, AC and DC currents can be measured from 0.5A to 40.0A.

Other Accessories

The PV200 solar PV complete test kit also comes with 2 x MC4 test lead adaptors, 2 x combiner box test probes and detachable alligator clips (MC4), 2 x test leads with detachable alligator clips (4mm), USB download cable, rugged carry bag, quick start guide, calibration certificates and a 2 year warranty.

Specifications Seaward PV200 Complete Kit

Technical Specification:

  • Open Circuit Voltage Measurement (PV Terminals)
  • Display Range 0.0VDC – 1000VDC
  • Measuring Range 5.0VDC – 1000VDC
  • Resolution 0.1VDC maximum
  • Accuracy ± (0.5 % + 2 digits)
  • Enunciators DC voltage polarity correct or reversed

Short Circuit Current Measurement (PV Terminals)

  • Display Range 0.00ADC – 15.00ADC
  • Measuring Range 0.50ADC – 15.00ADC
  • Maximum Power 10kW
  • Resolution 0.01ADC maximum
  • Accuracy ± (1% + 2 digits)

Earth Continuity Resistance Measurement (4mm Terminals)

  • Test Voltage Open Circuit >4VDC, nominal
  • Test Current into 2 Ω >200mA
  • Display Range 0.00Ω – 199Ω
  • Measuring Range (EN 61557-4) 0.05Ω – 199Ω
  • Resolution 0.01Ω maximum
  • Accuracy ± (2% + 5 digits)
  • Test Leads Zero Zero up to 10Ω, by zero button
  • Visible Warning ≥30V AC or DC at inputs
  • Circuitry Protection Test inhibited if ≥30V AC or DC at inputs
  • Repeat tests as per IEC61557-4 Approx 4000 1 second test

Insulation Resistance (Auto Test Sequence, PV Terminals and Red 4mm Terminal)

  • Test Voltage Open Circuit 250V, 500V, 1000V (as per IEC61557-2)
  • Test Voltage Specification -0% +20% (open circuit)
  • Test Voltage @ 1mA >1mA into UN x (1000Ω/V)
  • Test Current Short Circuit <2mA
  • Display Range 0.05MΩ – 200MΩ



Seaward PV200 – Datasheet

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