Sokkia IM-52 Total Station

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Sokkia IM-52 Total Station

  • Integrated construction and survey application software
  • Fast, accurate, and powerful EDM
  • Reflectorless up to 500 m
  • Prism range up to 4,000 m
  • Advanced angle accuracy (2” or 5”)

Product Description

Sokkia IM-52 Total Station

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Positioning made easy

The iM-50 Series offers the perfect entry-level site layout and survey instrument. The sleek and light iM-50 is made with superior Japanese quality and design, built with exceptional function and form in mind.

And like all of our products, you can customize it to meet your needs and create your own workflows.

  • Integrated construction and survey application software
  • Fast, accurate, and powerful EDM
  • Reflectorless up to 500 m
  • Prism range up to 4,000 m
  • Advanced angle accuracy (2” or 5”)

Outstanding performance

Featuring a new EDM, the iM-50 series is fast, accurate, and powerful. In reflectorless mode, it measures up to 500m at an incredible 2mm+2ppm accuracy, and has 1.5mm+2ppm accuracy when measuring up to 4,000 m to standard prisms.

Fast and powerful EDM

The iM-50 series gives you rapid and correct pinpointing with phase shift technology. The ultra-narrow EDM beam can precisely measure walls, corners, manholes on the road surface, even chain-link fences and tree branches. You get a rapid distance measurement of 0.9 seconds regardless of the object.

Easy data transfer

Powered with integrated Bluetooth® capability and an internal antenna, the sleek design enables you to deliver measurements cable-free to your data controller.

Rugged and waterproof

With an IP66 certification, the iM-50 series is guaranteed to protect against dust and be waterproof up to one meter. Its rugged metal chassis and heavy duty handle stand up to even the toughest job sites. Truly an all-weather solution, the iM-50 series can operate in temperatures ranging from -20ºC to 60ºC. Ready for the field The iM-50 series has up to 50,000 points of internal memory, and can store an additional 32GB through the USB. And with the easy-to use SDRbasic on-board software, you have everything you need to get the job done out in the field.

Specifications Sokkia IM-52 Total Station

  • Magnification / Resolving power: 30x / 2.5”
  • Others:
    º Length : 171mm (6.7in.),
    º Objective aperture : 45mm (1.8in.) (48mm (1.9in.) for EDM),
    º Image: Erect,
    º Field of view: 1°30’ (26m/1,000m),
    º Minimum focus: 1.3m (4.3ft.)
    º Reticle illumination: 5 brightness levels
Angle Measurement
  • Minimum Display (selectable): 1″/5″ (0.0002 / 0.001gon, 0.005 / 0.02mil)
  • Accuracy (ISO 17123-3:2001): 2”
  • Dual-axis compensator: Dual-axis liquid tilt sensor, working range: ±6’
  • Collimation compensation: On/Off (selectable)
Distance Measurement
  • Laser output*1: Reflectorless mode : Class 3R / Prism/sheet mode : Class 1
  • Measuring range (under average conditions*2):
    º Reflectorless*3: 0.3 to 500m (1,640ft.)
    º Reflective sheet *4/*5:
    * RS90N-K: 1.3 to 500m (4.3 to 1,640ft.),
    * RS50N-K: 1.3 to 300m (4.3 to 980ft.),
    * RS10N-K: 1.3 to 100m (4.3 to 320ft.)
    º Mini prisms:
    * CP01: 1.3 to 2,500m (4.3 to 8,200ft.),
    * OR1PA: 1.3 to 500m (4.3 to 1,640ft.)
    º One prism 1.3 to 4,000m (4.3 to 13,120ft.)
    º Minimum Display: Fine / Rapid : 0.0001m (0.001ft. / 1/16 in.) / 0.001m (0.005ft. / 1/8 in.) (selectable)
    º Tracking / Road : 0.001m (0.005ft. / 1/8 in.) / 0.01m (0.02ft. / 1/2 in.) (selectable)
  • Accuracy*2 (ISO 17123-4:2001) (D=measuring distance in mm):
    º Reflectorless*3: (2 + 2ppm x D) mm*6
    º Reflective sheet*4/5: (2 + 2ppm x D) mm
    º Prism*7: (1.5 + 2ppm x D) mm
  • Measuring time*8:
    º Fine: 0.9s (initial 1.5s)
    º Rapid: 0.6s (initial 1.3s)
    º Tracking: 0.4s (initial 1.3s)
OS, Interface and Data management
  • Operating system: Linux
  • Display / Keyboard:
    º Graphic LCD, 192 x 80 dots, backlight : on/off (Selectable) /
    º Alphanumeric keyboard / 28 keys with backlight
  • Control panel location: On both faces
  • Data storage:
    º Internal memory: Approx. 50,000 points
    º Plug-in memory: device USB flash memory (max. 32GB)
  • Interface: Serial RS-232C, USB2.0 (Type A, for USB flash memory)
  • Bluetooth modem (option)*9: Bluetooth Class 1.5, Operating range: up to 10m*10
  • Laser-pointer: Coaxial red laser using EDM beam
  • Levels:
    º Graphic 6’ (Inner Circle)
    º Circular level (on tribrach): 10’ / 2 mm
  • Plummet:
    º Optical*11: Optional
    º Laser*12: Standard
  • Dust and water protection / Operating temperature: IP66 (IEC 60529:2001) / -20 to +60ºC (-4 to +140ºF)
  • Size with handle: 183(W)x 181(D)x 348(H)mm (On both faces)
  • Instrument height: 192.5mm from tribrach mounting surface
  • Weight with battery & tribrach: Approx. 5.1kg (11.3lb)
Power Supply
  • Battery: Li-ion rechargeable battery BDC46C
  • Operating time (20ºC)*13: Approx. 14hours*14



Sokkia IM-52 – Datasheet

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