Tenmars TM-747D 4-channel Thermometer

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Product Description

Tenmars TM-747D 4-channel Thermometer


Temperature gauges features a microprocessor-rated digital temperature gauge, which  according to varied input configurations and different thermocouple types, is divided into 48 modes.


Features Tenmars TM-747D 4-channel Thermometer

  • The maximum displays for four temp. values.
  • Resolution 0.1℃/ 0.1℉,1℃/1℉.
  • Swift response.
  • Setting alert temperature range.
  • With auto power off function.
  • With low battery indicator function.
  • With a perpetual calendar function.
  • With “COUNT “function.
  • With T1~T4 exchange to main display function.(for above dual channel modes)
  • With T1-T2 function.(for dual channel modes),T3-T4 function(for four channel).
  • Additional features include: HOLD,℃/℉.   / K,REL,CHAN,MAX/MIN/AVG,    °1,TYPE,TIME(CLOCK setting), LIMIT(Hi/Lo setting).
  • CE certified, according to ITS-90 law.

Specifications Tenmars TM-747D 4-channel Thermometer

  • Display Mode : Four-digit liquid crystal display.
  • Polarity indicator : No indicator is shown when readouts are in the positive value, while the symbol “-” is prompted when readouts fall into the negative value.
  • Overload indicator :
  • The “OL “or”-OL” indicator.
  • Low-battery indicator : The symbol
  • ” B”is prom- pted on the LCD when the battery runs low.
  • Auto power off : The unit no operations are over 20-minute, the battery power will be turned off.
  • Press the “Shift” key for 3 seconds, the auto po-wer off will be cancelled.
  • Sample rate : 1 time/sec.
  • Dimension : 164x76x32mm(length x width x height).
  • Weight : Approximately 415 grams.
Electrical Specifications
 Temp unit
 Celsius temp.(℃)
Fahrenheit temp. (℉)
Absolute temp.( K ).
 Measurement Range
( At 23±5℃, 80%RH)
 K-type : -100℃~1300℃(-148℉~2372℉)
 J-type : -100℃~1000℃(-148℉~1832℉)
 T-type : -100℃~400℃(-148℉~752℉)
 E-type : -50℃~800℃(-58℉~1472℉)
 R&S-type : 0℃~1700℃(32℉~ 3092℉)
 N-type : -100℃~1300℃ (-148℉~2372℉)
 The basic accuracy does not include the error of the thermocouple.
 K/J/T/E/- type
 (0.1% reading+0.7℃)-100℃~-1300℃
 (0.1% reading+1.4℉)-148℉ ~2372℉
 (0.1% reading+2℃) 0℃~1700℃
 (0.1% reading+4℉) 32℉~3092℉
 (0.1% reading+1.5℃)-100℃~1300℃
 (0.1% reading+3℉)-148℉~2372℉





Tenmars TM-747D Manual



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