Testo 175 T1 Set – Temperature Logger Set

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Testo 175 T1 Set – Temperature Logger Set

The testo 175 T1 set includes three temperature loggers along with practical accessories for you. This means you have the best equipment to record temperatures in some of the wrong areas. in cold, storage and sales areas, such as in butcher shops or bakeries.

Product Description

Testo 175 T1 Set – Temperature Logger Set

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Monitoring and documentation of the temperature in cold storage rooms

Many foodstuffs or medicines have to be stored within a certain cold temperature range. This may be in individual refrigerated storage rooms, but also in specialised cold storage warehouses or high bay cold store warehouses. The temperature has to be documented in all of these refrigerated facilities, as strict regulations apply to quality management both in the food processing and medicine industries.
Data loggers are usually placed at the ‘Critical Control Points’ (CCPs) of a cold storage room to enable any fluctuations in temperature to be detected and appropriate action to be taken. Critical places include doors or passages into other temperature zones within a warehouse.

Monitoring the temperature in frozen food storage areas

There are many facilities where (deep) frozen foods need to be stored. These range from individual freezer rooms at small food manufacturers (e.g. butchers), restaurants and supermarkets, freezer rooms in the food processing industry, right through to specialised cold storage warehouses/high bay freezer warehouses. In all of these facilities, the temperature has to be documented continuously. In Europe, only temperature recording devices that comply with EN 12830 are allowed to be used.

Data loggers are typically used to measure the air temperature in these kinds of storage facilities. The measuring instrument is positioned within the freezer room at the critical places where possible, such as by doors or refrigeration units, where it records temperature data at specified intervals (typically: every 15 minutes).
With the aid of special software, the recorded data can consequently be analysed and stored.

Monitoring and documentation of storage temperatures

The proper observance of storage temperatures is an important prerequisite for the quality control of many products; e.g. in the area of foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products.
Data loggers are usually used for this purpose. They monitor and document the course of ambient temperature automatically, thereby contributing significantly to verifying that product quality is being maintained.
The direct display of violations of limit values allows fluctuations in temperature to be responded to fast. With the aid of the configuration and read out software, custom measurement configurations can also be made and recorded measurement data can be both analysed and stored.

Monitoring and documentation of transit temperatures

The smooth recording and documentation of measurement data plays a significant role for all products that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, or which need to be stored in a predesignated area.

The wrong temperature conditions during transportation can result in major losses in quality right through to a complete loss of value for the monitored products.

With the aid of a data logger, goods in transit can be monitored to make sure specified temperature zones are being observed; this can then be read out, analysed and stored using special software.

The testo 175 T1 temperature logger is your competent partner for dealing with air temperature monitoring in a reliable way. Purchasing our practical set is a good idea, especially if you want to carry out temperature control in several areas: you get three data loggers (with accessories) straight away and, if you are a baker or butcher, you can for instance record the temperature in the cold store, warehouse and sales area at the same time.

State-of-the-art measuring technology, high level of data security

An internal NTC sensor is built into the temperature logger. This NTC sensor provides high-precision recording of the air temperature (±0.5 °C). Because the measuring range of the internal NTC sensor ranges from -35 °C to +55 °C, the data logger can also be used for long-term temperature controls in cold stores or deep freeze rooms.

You can read the current measuring values, set limit values, min./max. values, violations of limit values and remaining battery life on the temperature logger’s display. This means you do not have to read the data logger immediately on the PC, if you want to get a quick overview of the most important measurement data.The data logger’s large memory capacity (up to 1 million readings) and its long battery life (max. 3 years) also allow less frequent read-out for shorter measurement intervals. The temperature logger can be run with standard batteries (AAA), which can be replaced at any time by the users themselves.The testo 175 T1 temperature logger guarantees a high level of data security and reliable measurement results based on state-of-the-art measuring technology. Saved measurement data will not be lost even when the battery is empty or being replaced.

Programming and analysis with the temperature logger

The free testo ComSoft Basic software enables fast programming of the temperature data logger and easy data evaluation.

Where there are higher requirements in terms of software, we can offer you two further versions:

  • ComSoft Professional software – available as an option – offers various possibilities for more detailed analysis of the temperature readings measured
  • ComSoft CFR 21 Part 11 software – available as an option – is well suited for use in the pharmaceutical sector with its special requirements according to CFR 21 Part 11

Tested and certified for use in the food sector

  • The data logger has also been tested by the TÜV Süd (German Technical Safety Standards Authority)
  • ATP test station according to EN 12830
  • It has international HACCP certification and is therefore HACCP-compliant
  • Reliable water jet protection according to protection class IP 65: the temperature logger can remain at the measuring location even when cleaning is being carried out there

Advantage of the set

This set means you are well-equipped for professional temperature control: you get three testo 175 T1 temperature loggers, so that you can record the temperature at the same time in several areas or at several locations. This is practical for small food businesses, such as baker’s or butcher’s, amongst others, which want to monitor the cold store and warehouse, as well as the sales area.

A USB interface, which you need for programming the data logger, is also included in the set. This means you have everything you need in the set to start temperature control straight away. The USB interface which comes with the set also enables the transfer of measurement data to your PC. You have the option of using the SD memory card for this and this is included in the set as well. The free testo ComSoft Basic software is available for evaluating the measurement data on the PC.

Specifications Testo 175 T1 Set – Temperature Logger Set

General technical data
Weight 130 g
Dimensions 89 x 53 x 27 mm
Operating temperature -35 to +55 °C
Product-/housing material Plastic
Protection class IP65
Channels 1 internal
Product colour white
Standards EU-guideline 2014/30/EU; 2011/65/EU; DIN EN 12830
Measuring rate 10 s – 24 h
Battery type 3 x AIMn type AAA or Energizer
Battery life 3 years (15 min. meas. rate, +25 °C)
Interface mini usb, SD card slot
Memory 1,000,000 measuring values
Storage temperature -35 to +55 °C
Temperature – NTC
Measuring range -35 to +55 °C
Accuracy ±0.5 °C (-35 to +55 °C)
Resolution 0.1 °C


Delivery Scope

  • 3 x testo 175 T1 temperature loggers, including wall bracket, lock, batteries and calibration protocol
  • 1 x USB cable for programming and readout of the temperature logger
  • 1 x SD memory card for saving and transferring the measurement data to the PC



Testo 175 T1 Set – Datasheet

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175 T1 Set

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