Exfo FIP-500 Fiber Inspection Scope

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Exfo FIP-500 Fiber Inspection Scope

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FIP-500 – fiber inspection scope

Fastest inspection in the industry for both single-fiber and multi-fiber connectors, with the most reliable results. Self-contained, fully automated tool for zero-button testing all day—without the need to recharge batteries or offload results.

Exfo FIP-500 Fiber Inspection Scope - Multiarya Komunika

Spot on, every time.

What makes the FIP-500 the most reliable fiber inspection scope in the industry? The FIP-500 was designed with not one, but several innovative image capture techniques. This unprecedented visibility of the connector endface translates into optimal accuracy and repeatability.

Equip technicians against the no.1 cause of outages.

Features Exfo FIP-500 Fiber Inspection Scope :

  • Fastest inspection in the industry (in under 10 seconds for MPO-12)
  • Wide array of adapter tips for single-fiber and multi-fiber connectors (e.g., LC, SC, ST, MPO, OptiTap®, OptiTip®)
  • Best-in-class optical performance for accurate and repeatable results
  • Interested? Please don’t hesitate to call us @0265 3171044
  • Smartphone-grade 2.4-inch color touchscreen
  • Zero-button inspection: 100% automated from insertion to data saving
  • OR wa us @0813-9895-5475 / Telegram@Syariftama.com
  • Quick-connect design: quarter-turn click for switching between any tips or inspection type
  • Test all day without any interruption: long-lasting battery and memory space to store results locally – 1800 (MPO)

Specifications Exfo FIP-500 Fiber Inspection Scope :

Inspeksi ujung-ke-ujung dan waktu analisis MPO-12: <10 s
MPO-24: <14 dtk
Bidang pandang 1,9 mm x 4,8 mm
Sensor kamera 2 sensor 5 megapiksel
Sumber cahaya 2 LED violet pada 405 nm
Teknik pencahayaan Koaksial, berdenyut
Tampilan 2.4 dalam IPS LCD warna 166 dpi + layar sentuh kapasitif
CPU 1,4 GHz dual core
Konektivitas Bluetooth® dan WiFi
Jenis baterai Baterai lithium-ion polymer (Li-Po) yang dapat diisi ulang
Otonomi > 7 jam
Konektor USB-C
Kemampuan penyimpanan lokal Multi-fiber: 1800 pengukuran
Serat tunggal: 10.000 pengukuran

General Spesifikasi Exfo FIP-500 – Fiber Inspection Scope

Ukuran (H x W x D) 196 mm x 230 mm x 59 mm (7 3/4 inci x 9 1/16 inci x 2 5/16 inci)
Berat 600 g (1,32 lb)
Suhu Pengoperasian 0 ° C sampai 40 ° C (32 ° F sampai 104 ° F)
Penyimpanan –20 ° C sampai 60 ° C (–4 ° F sampai 140 ° F)
Rentang kelembaban 0% hingga 95% tanpa kondensasi


Accessories (Included) :

GP-2300 Protective cover and cable assembly
GP-2269 USB-A to USB-C cable (only for charging — no data transfer)
GP-2227 USB AC Adapter (includes interchangeable plugs for Australia, Europe, North America and UK)


DOCUMENTS PDF : Exfo FIP-500 Fiber Inspection Scope


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