MITECH MT-1A Magnetic Particle Flaw Detector

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MITECH MT-1A Magnetic Particle Flaw Detector

MT-1A digital portabel detektor cacat magnetik, mengadopsi kapasitas besar baterai lithium power supply. DC diubah menjadi AC oleh inverter dan prosesor sinyal yang digeser fase untuk menyediakan daya bagi detektor, ini memecahkan kekurangan detektor partikel magnetik tradisional yang mengandalkan catu daya 220V.

Product Description

MITECH MT-1A Magnetic Particle Flaw Detector

MT-1A digital portable magnetic flaw detector, adopts large capacity lithium battery power supply. DC is exchanged into AC by the inverter and the phase shifted signal processor to provide power for the detector, it solves the shortcomings of traditional magnetic particle detector relying on the 220V power supply. It has low power consumption and can continuous work for more than 4 hours. The battery can be charged while working or off. It can real-time monitoring, process image, save data, print the test report, track inspection results, meet the requirements of standard operation and management. Especially suitable for the field without power supply field testing and high-altitude operations, it realizes the innovation of magnetic powder digital inspection.

Function & application

It is widely used in the industry of aircraft manufacturing, boiler and pressure vessel, electric, oil field, shipbuilding, turbine and combustion engine parts, mine, machinery, standard parts, oil pump, vehicle parts, bridging, chemical, railway, large mechanical components, steel structure equipment etc. It mainly detects the surface detection of forging, quenching, welding, fatigue, for example, irregular workpiece of chain, crankshaft, bearing, high strength bolt, spring, forging, petrochemical pipe, valve, vane, gear, anchor chain, welding seam etc.

Working Principle

Put the workpiece into high-intensity magnetic field, connect electric to make it magnetized, if there are flaws (crack,slag) in or near the surface, there will be a leakage around the flaws. Put good quality magnetic powder(usually the magnetic iron oxide powder)on the object, magnetic powder will gather together near the leaked magnetic field, piled up to form visible traces of magnetic powder. In the proper light, we can see the marks and judge the position, size, shape and degree of the flaws.

Working Conditions

  • Operatiom temperature: -10℃~+40℃
  • Storage temperature: -20℃~+70℃
  • Relative Humidity: ≤80%
  • The environment should avoid strong vibration, magnetic interference, corrosive medium and heavy dust.

Features MITECH MT-1A Magnetic Particle Flaw Detector

  • The large capacity lithium battery makes it portable, solves the drawbacks of traditional, magnetic particle detector relying on the 220V power supply, with low power consumption, small size, battery can be charged when the detector is on and off. It is especially suitable for testing in field or high altitude;
  • The brightness, power, lighting form of Mitech portable magnetic flaw detector series are adjustable, to meet the needs of different testing environment.
  • New power mode improves the sensitivity and accuracy of surface and depth detection.
  • Electromagnetic yoke adopts pulse power supply technology can continuous work without rest.
  • Combines the advantages of traditional electromagnetic yoke, can make fast, clear, correct test of the surface.
  • The brightness, power, polar distance are adjustable to meet the needs of different measurement conditions;
  • The product is equipped with portable package, operator can put it on the waist, greatly reduce the labor intensity, improve work efficiency.

Operating Method and Attentions

  • Connect the line with detector, start the detector, press detection, choose proper polar distance according to the workpiece.
  • When making dry powder detection, put the powder on the workpiece, move the yoke with 40mm/s, make sure they are well connected, observe whether the powder is pile up.
  • When detecting, there must be overlap, the overlap area should less than 25mm, judge the marks correctly.
  • If the pile up is appeared, blow the redundant powder, make the mark clear.
  • If the mark can’t be judged, you should polish the surface and test again; if the mark is flaw, press confirm to capture the photo.

Instrument Maintenance

  • Digital portable magnetic flaw detector is precision detector, please note the following,
  • Avoid plug or unplug the cable line
  • After testing, use soft cloth to clean the oil, avoid it penetrating in the detector.
  • Avoid strong vibration when moving the detector, put it in dry and ventilated place.
  • Number keys are important, do not press too hard or use metal to knock.
  • Reboot when it was turn off for 5s, do not reboot immediately.
  • Do not unplug the charge when using continuous charge.
  • The detector has customized battery and charger to protect the overcharge to battery, charging time is about 4-6 hours, red indicator means it is in charging, green means it is full.
  • Horse shoe electromagnetic yoke should be well connected with workpiece, release the switch when the yoke leaving the workpiece, lubricate the turning joint to prevent rust.

Specifications MITECH MT-1A Magnetic Particle Flaw Detector

Lighting white/fluorescent
Dimension 204mm×100mm×36mm
Main unit 0.75 kg(including battery)
Screen dimension 3.5 inch
Working voltage DC 15V-21V
Output curve alternating curent pulse
Probe dimension 174mm×162mm×38mm
Polar distance 75-200mm
Yoke weight 1.5kg(including line)
Cable line length 1.2 m (can be customized)
Lifting force >45N(more than 5Kg)
Complex sensitivity Notch clear on A1 15/100 standard specimen
Continuous working hours >4h
Battery dimension 79mm×58mm×18mm
Li-battery weight 0.52kg
Battery voltage 18V
Battrey capacity 8400mAh
Charging limited voltage 21V
Power supply 220V 50HZ
White light illumination >1000lx
Distance between light and workpiece 100mm
Fluorescence center wavelength 365mm
Fluorescence amplitude >1000μw/c㎡


MITECH MT-1A – Datasheet

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