Ono Sokki HT-4200 Non-contact Digital Tachometer

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Product Description

Ono Sokki HT-4200 Non-contact Digital Tachometer

The HT-4200 is a compact, non-contact type handheld digital tachometer. Affix one of the reflective marks to the rotating surface of the target measurement object, and then aim the red visible ray at the mark. If multiple marks are affixed to the target of measurement object, measurement can be performed at a lower speed.


Features Ono Sokki HT-4200 Non-contact Digital Tachometer

  • The 5-digit display enables wide-ranging measurement from 4 r/min (when multiple reflective marks are used.) to 50,000 r/min (when single reflective mark is used.)
  • A large-size display device (10.5-mm character height) is incorporated into the compact, lightweight device which can be easily slipped into your shirt pocket.
  • Built-in convenient memory function for easy confirmation of the measured results
  • Even shiny shafts can be measured by using the reflective marks provided with the device.
  • Measurement can be performed over a wide range from 30 r/min to 50,000 r/min, in 1-r/min resolution (when one reflective mark is used).
  • Measurement can be performed safely at a distance ranging from 20 to 300 mm between the detection unit and the target measurement surface (the reflective mark surface).
  • The latest measurement value continues to be displayed for approximately 30 seconds even after the power has been switched off.
  • Battery replacement time indicator is provided.

Specifications Ono Sokki HT-4200 Non-contact Digital Tachometer

Detection method Red visible ray photoelectric reflection method
Detection distance 20 to 300 mm
Display 5-digit LCD (10.5-mm character height), fixed measurement unit (r/min)
Measurement update time 1-s automatic update (2-s update when the circumferential speed is lower than 60/number of reflective marks r/min)
Measurement range Measurement resolution: 1 r/min

The affixing of multiple reflective marks enables measurement of lower rotation speeds.

Measurement speed Number of reflective marks
30 to 50,000 r/min 1
15 to 25,000 r/min 2
10 to 16,667 r/min 3
8 to 12,500 r/min 4
5 to 8,333 r/min 6
4 to 6,250 r/min 8
Measurement accuracy (when one reflective mark is used) 30 to 12,499 r/min speeds      : Within ±1 r/min
12,500 to 24,999 r/min speeds : Within ±2 r/min
25,000 to 50,000 r/min speeds : Within ±4 r/min
Measurement of the number of pulses The number of reflective marks used can be specified in order to perform measurement from lower rotation speeds. Specifiable values: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 P/R
Memory function 10 data can be memorized.
Data hold function Auto power off when 30 seconds have elapsed after the end of measurement.
Low battery indication The “LOW” mark is displayed when the battery voltage falls below 3.3 V.
Over-range display An “ERROR” mark is displayed.
Power source Three AAA-type batteries (1.5 V), Continuous measurement time: Approx. 20 hours (when alkaline batteries are used, at 20°C)
Operating temperature 0 to +40°C
Storage temperature -10 to +55°C
Outer dimensions 62 (W) x 129 (L) x 26.4 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 130 g (including batteries)
  • Reflective marks 1 sheet (25 marks)
  • AAA-type batteries 3 pieces
  • User’s manual 1 copy


Ono Sokki HT-4200 Non-contact Digital Tachometer Brochure



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