Picotest G5110A Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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Product Description

Picotest G5110A Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Features Picotest G5110A Arbitrary Waveform Generator

  • 15 MHz Sine, 15 MHz Square & 3 MHz arbitrary Waveforms
  • 14-bit, 50 MSa/s, 8 K-point Arbitrary Waveform
  • Pulse, Ramp, Triangle & DC Waveforms
  • Linear & Logarithmic Sweeps & Burst Operation
  • AM ⑴, FM, PM, FSK & PWM Modulation Types
  • Amplitude Range, 20 mVpp to 20 Vpp into Open Circuit
  • Remote Control via USB or Opt. GPIB
  • With high contrast LCD Display
  • With high flexible Sequencing Arbitrary waveform mode
  • Free Waveform Editor Software Wavepatt®
  • User Friendly Operation

Great Performance for Functions and Waveforms

G5110A 15MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator can create stable, precise, clean and low distortion sine waves by using DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) Technology. With fast rise and fall times up to 15 MHz for square waves and 200KHz for linear ramp waves , the G5110A also can reach your demand on waveforms.

Pulse Generation

G5110A can generate pulses up to 5MHz. With variable period, pulse width and amplitude the G5110A is perfectly suited to applications requiring a flexible pulse signal.

Custom Waveform Generation

G5110A can generate complex custom waveforms. With 14-bit resolution, and 50 MSa/s sampling rate, the G5110A offers you the flexibility to create waveforms. It also allows you to store up to 5 waveforms, 4 (4 x 8K Points) in nonvolatile memory and 1 in volatile memory.

Waveform editor Wavepatt®

Picotest Waveform Editor Software Wavepatt® allows you to create, edit and download complex waveforms.


With high contrast LCD Display

You can see the relative parameters of waveforms on a distinct LCD Display, via the notice of surrounded auxiliary announciator on display, you can clearly see all of needed settings simultaneously, speed up the efficiency for output the desired waveforms.


With high flexible Sequencing Arbitrary Waveform mode

After using the Sequencying Arbitrary Mode to generate different segments in different sampling intervals, you can connect any complex waveforms you want, adjusting their lengths depending on the demands of the application, transferring them without distortion concerns, and finally generating waveforms for high-speed output. This so long as each waveform complies with the requirement of arbitrary waveforms.


User Friendly Operation

The front-panel operation of G5110A is simple and user friendly. You can enter all functions with a single key or two, and use knob or numeric keypad to adjust frequency, amplitude, offset and other parameters.


Easy-to-use Functions

  • Users can easily use the following functions.
  • Internal modulations of AM⑴, FM, PM, FSK & PWM for waveform adjustment.
  • Built-in linear and logarithmic sweeps from 1ms to 500s.
  • The burst mode has a selectable number of cycles per period of time.
  • Using remote control via USB or Opt. GPIB interface.
  • The programmability by SCPI commands under the remote control connection.
  • Precise phase adjustments and calibrations can be done from the front panel or via a PC.

Support External Frequency Input and Output

The G5110A external frequency reference allows users synchronizing to an external 10 MHz clock, to another G5110A, or any other unit which can support 10-MHz-frequency-input function。


G5110A Programming Times

Specifications Picotest G5110A Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The carrier waveforms of AM mode includes Sine, Triangle and Arbitrary waveforms.



Picotest G5110A – Manual

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