Picotest U6200A Universal Counter

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Product Description

Picotest U6200A Universal Counter

The Picotest U6200A offers a higher frequency capability, better oscillator temperature stability, higher voltage measurement bandwidth, higher resolution and many other benefits compared with the competition. The U6200A CH3 is included free and has a range from 375 MHz to 6GHz.The rear inputs are not connected to the front panel inputs, allowing up to 5 measurement channels. Other benefits compared with the competition include faster measurements, faster statistics, USB and LAN inputs, better damage protection levels and electronic calibration. Like all Picotest products, it’s backed by our 30 day refund policy.

12 Digits Resolution & 6 GHz Frequency Measurement

The Picotest U6200A universal counter, whose production procedures conform to ISO 9004, has a frequency resolution of 12 digits per second, 40 ps time interval resolution and a complete set of test and analysis features. The standard U6200A’s CH3 has a range from 375 MHz to 6GHz and the standard CH 1 & 2 has a range from 1 mHz to 400 MHz.

Great Features for Universal Purposes

The Picotest U6200A also provides great features including Frequency & Ratio (11Digits/Sec.), Time interval, Period (2.5 ns to 1000s), Duty Cycle, Pulse Width, Rise/Fall Time, Peak Volts (100 Hz~300 MHz), Phase, Totalize, Temperature Stability (< 1 PPM), Aging Rate (< 2 PPM per year), timebase reference channel and complete Front-End Isolation. Moreover, it offers 20 memory locations for storing frequently-used operations.

Full Math Functions & Easy Operation Panel

The Picotest U6200A offers built-in statistics and math functions. Users can make measurements, simultaneously measure and report mean, min/max, delta and standard deviation. Scale & offset can be easily used for compensation purpose according to the users’ applications. In addition, in order to obtain these measurements, the user can easily use the numeric buttons to define settings. The U6200 also provides users with visual indications of selected functions.

Fast Measurement & Special Application

The U6200A supports real-time digital signal processing technology, which can be applied to analyze data while simultaneously obtaining new readings and speeding measurement. The “Limit Modes” feature is worth to be mentioning since users can set margin according to their specific measurements, and via Go-On or Stop and USB Output settings, the U6200A can continue or stop measuring as a limit is exceeded, and generate an output signal to trigger external devices.

Free Software & Familiar SCPI Commands

Users can obtain data logs via PC software (Microsoft Excel®) using a USB, or an optional GPIB interface. Furthermore, U6200A also supports a webserver function, so users can easily control it via a LAN interface by entering an Ethernet address (Default: on web browsers. In addition, through the SCPI commands compatible with Agilent 53132A, the Picotest U6200A can utilize familiar syntax string for users’ applications. For more command information, please refer to the U6200A User’s Manual.

Features Picotest U6200A Universal Counter

  • 12 Digit Resolution
  • Easy to use keypad
  • 1mHz – 400MHz  Ch1 and CH2
  • 375MHz to 6GHz on CH 3 included FREE
  • 10MHz synchronization included FREE
  • Optional rear Inputs are isolated from the front panel allowing 4+1 measurement channels
  • 40ps time domain function resolution.
  • Time Base Stability: < 1 PPM temperature and <2PPM per year
  • Electronic Calibration
  • Statistics & Math Functions
  • SCPI commands are compatible with the Agilent 53132A

Picotest U6200A Universal Counter Datasheet



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