Benetech GM61 CCTV Tester

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Product Description

Benetech GM61 CCTV Tester

Transmitter audio signal is connected with the target wire while tracing withiRJ11 interface, which generate a close loop audio signal field around the target wire loop, and the receiver will pick up the signal at the loop or the other end of the wire to find the target wire. This method features long distance and clear sound which helps the users to find the target wires effectively and quickly. In testing the camera the device display the images on the screen via its signal cable so that angle and range of the camera will be adjusted to the best position. This device finds wide application in fields of
camera amounting and wire tracing.

Features Benetech GM61 CCTV Tester

  • Image display
  • Audio output
  • Wire tracing
  • Charge and charging indication
  • Low battery alarming
  • Automatically turn off
  • Flashlight function
  • Earphone output
  • Wire tracing sound level adjustable

Specifications Benetech GM61 CCTV Tester

  • 2.0 inches TFT LCD
  • Automatic PAL/NTSC identifying
  • 12V 500m emergency power output, with short circuit protection
  • This device will turu off automatically within 8 minutes if there is no further operation of the key
  • 1KMwire tracing distance: over 1 Km
  • 3 built-in batteries of 3.7V 350mah
  • 15V 1A power adaptor of 15V 1A



Benetech GM61 Manual



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