East ET430 LCR Meter

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Product Description

East ET430 LCR Meter

ET430 series hand-held bridge sets 2.8 inch TFT display, flexible and convenient button operation and full speed USB communication in one; large capacity lithium battery can ensure long-term work. Functionally, it has not only comprehensive measurement parameters, but also deviation measurement and screening. The output frequency can be continuously adjusted. In terms of performance, the basic accuracy is up to 0.2%.

Features East ET430 LCR Meter

¤ The highest measuring frequency is 100kHz, and the stepping frequency is continuously adjustable at 1Hz;

¤ Supporting DC Resistance and Electrolytic Capacitance Measurement;

¤ Internal bias voltage output (10mV-500mV);

¤ Automatic Recognition of Component Measurement;

¤ Support screening and deviation measurement;

¤ 2.8-inch TFT display, 4-bit semi-display;

¤ USB communication interface;

¤ Large capacity lithium battery power supply;

¤ Support SCPI protocol;

¤ Provide system settings, can configure language, buzzer, screen brightness and so on according to their own requirements;

¤ The basic measurement accuracy is 0.2%;

¤ Adjustable measuring speed, manual and automatic range;

¤ Short circuit correction with open circuit;

¤ Provide multiple test ports.

Specifications East ET430 LCR Meter







Test frequency




100Hz,120Hz,1KHz, 10KHz

100Hz, 120Hz, 1KHz,10KHz, 40KHz, 100KHz


Continuously adjustable

1Hz stepping

Basic accuracy







2.8 inch TFT LCD

Display digit

Main parameters: 5 bits, secondary parameters: 5 bits

Measurement parameters

Main parameters: L/C/R/Z, sub-parameters: X/D/Q/theta/ESR

Electrolytic capacitor mode


DCR mode



measuring range


Measurement display speed

1/s (slow), 2/s (medium), 4/s (fast)

Internal offset


0-500 mV adjustable, 1 mV step.

Test level


0.3Vrms   0.6Vrms

0.1Vrms、0.3Vrms、0.6Vrms   1Vrms

0.01-1.1V adjustable

Calibration function

Open circuit calibration and short circuit calibration

Screening function

The limit range of screening can be set to 1%-50%, of which the fixed points are 1%, 5%, 10%, 20%.

Deviation measurement

Used to compare the percentage of deviation between the component and the nominal value set and display


Adjust backlight brightness, automatic shutdown time can be set, Chinese and English optional, USB Device communication


Standard Accessories

¤ Mini-USB data Wires;

¤ Power adapter;

¤ Short circuit chip;

¤ Red&black rubber plug;

¤ Large capacity lithium battery

¤ Kelvin test clip(Except ET430B/ ET430)

Optional accessories

¤ Kelvin test clip( ET430B/ET430)

¤ SMD testing cl

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East ET430 – Manual

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