Lutron WA-300 Pure Water Tester

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Product Description

Lutron WA-300 Pure Water Tester

Pure Water Tester Lutron WA-300 probe terjual Terpisah.

  • The quality of the water is getting much more concerned by the human being and it also an important factor in the industrial sectors, laboratories or other fields.
  • It may cause several diseases if home drink water existing high conductivity & contain impurities, the Pure Water Tester ( Water Quality Tester) are designed to check the purity of water (water conductivity) also can determine the condition of the ” Water Filter ” easily and rapidly.
  • The tester is used to measure the conductivity value (ranging from 0 – 2000 uS) which can therefore judge whether water is pure or not. The conductivity value will become lower if there is much less impurities existed in water (for example, distilled water that its purity is higher than others will get a lower conductivity value of approx. < 10 uS).
  • Many people always take many kinds of procedures on water treatment by install the different kinds of equipment, such as filter or purifier to improve the quality of water. However, most of people do not know whether the procedures or filter is effective and can con- tribute to the quality of water. General speaking, the impurities will be filtered out if the water process procedures attain the expected result, thus we can use this instrument to measure the conductivity value of purified water and to judge the effect of the filter (or water process procedures).

Specifications Lutron WA-300 Pure Water Tester : 

  • Easy carry out & operation.
  • Display 13 mm, 3 1/2 digit
  • Measurement 0 to 1999 uS.
  • uS – micro Simens.
  • Resolution 1 uS.
  • Accuracy ± (4 % + 3 d), * 23± 5 ℃.
  • Compensation 0 to 50 ℃ ( 32 to 122 ℉).
  • Dimension Main instrument:131 x 70 x 25 mm
  • Sensor probe:Round, 22 mm Dia., 120 mm length.

Standard Accessories

  • Lutron WA-300
  • Operation Manual
  • Battery 9 Volt
  • Sensor probe 1 PC.

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