Motorola APX 2500 P25 Mobile Radio

Motorola APX 2500 P25 Mobile Radio

We’ve paired the APX™ 2500 with our rugged O2 Control Head for confident, reliable radio communication that can stand up to everyday use.

Product Description

Motorola APX 2500 P25 Mobile Radio

We’ve paired the APX™ 2500 with our rugged O2 Control Head for confident, reliable radio communication that can stand up to everyday use. The compact form factor simplifies vehicle installation. Integrated hardware encryption protects your mission-critical communication. Impact detection automatically alerts dispatch to keep its users safer and integrated Wi-Fi helps to keep you current with fast and easy software updates.

Improve your operational efficiency with the performance and reliability of the APX 2500 mobile radio.

Collaborate Seamlessly
While out of the office, you still need to communicate with others to get the job done. Seamlessly collaborate with other P25 radio users, departments and organizations.


Respond with Confidence
Get efficient and confident communication with the rugged simplicity of an oversized knob, easy-to-read color screen and a loud high-density speaker.

Voice and Data, All at Once
Update your radio and get new software at the speed of Wi-Fi without interrupting your voice communication.

Flexible, Easy Installation
The APX 4500 is ideal for a growing ecosystem of vehicle installations. Its small and lightweight form factor simplifies installation.

 All the Support you Need
Motorola Solutions offers three levels of service plans – Essential, Advanced and Premier – so you can manage in the way that suits you best.

Spesifikasi Motorola APX 2500 P25 Mobile Radio

VHFUHF R1700 MHz800 MHz
Frequency Range/Bandsplits136-174 MHz380-470 MHz764-776, 794-806 MHz806-825, 851-870 MHz
Rated RF Output Power (Adjustable)1-50 W1-40 W3-30 W3-35 W
Frequency Stability +/- 0.8 PPM ±0.8 PPM ±0.8 PPM ±0.8 PPM
(-30°C to +60°C; +25°C Ref.)
-85 dBc-10 dBm-85 dBc-20 dBm-75/-85 dBc-20/-40 dBm-75 dBc-20 dBm
Modulation Limiting ±5/±2.5 kHz ±5/±2.5kHz ±5/±2.5 kHz ±5/±2.5 kHz
(12.5/20/25 kHz)
Modulation Fidelity (C4FM) 2.5% 1.50% 1.50% 1.5%
12.5 kHz Digital Channel
Audio Response +1. -3 dB (EIA) +1, -3 dB (EIA) +1, -3 dB (EIA) +1, -3 dB (EIA)
FM Hum & Noise (12.5 kHz/25 kHz) -52 dB / -53 dB -50 dB/ -53 dB -48 dB / -50 dB -48 dB / -50 dB
Audio Distortion (12.5 kHz/25 kHz)0.50%0.50%0.50%0.50%
VHFUHF R1700 MHz800 MHz
Frequency Range/Bandsplits136-174 MHz380-470 MHz764-776 MHz851-870 MHz
Channel Spacing 12.5/25 kHz 12.5/25 kHz 12.5/25 kHz 12.5/25 kHz
Maximum Frequency SeparationFull BandsplitFull BandsplitFull BandsplitFull Bandsplit
Audio Output Power at Rated/Max7.5 / 15 W7.5 / 15W7.5 / 15 W7.5 / 15 W
Power And Battery Drain
VHFUHF R1700/800 MHz
Frequency Range/Bandsplits136-174 MHz380-470 MHz764-870 MHz
RF Power Output1-50 W1-40 W3-30 W (764-776 MHz)
3-30 W (794-806 MHz)
3-35 W (806-824 MHz)
3-35 W (851-870 MHz)
Operation13.8V DC ±20%13.8V DC ±20%13.9V DC ±20% Negative Ground
Negative GroundNegative Ground
Standby at 13.8V0.85A0.85A0.85A (764-870 MHz)
Receive Current at Rated Audio at 13.8V3.2A3.2A3.2A (764-870 MHz)
Transmit Current (A) at Rated Power8 A @ 15 W11A (40 W)12A (35 W) 8A (15 W)
13 A @ 50 W8A (15 W)


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