Process Calibrator LB02A

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Product Description

Process Calibrator LB02A

Update version of type LB02

This multifunctional Process Calibrator is compact, sturdy, and easy to use.
Can function as a Multimeter, Source Calibrator or Signal Generator:

– DC V/mV
– DC mA
– Ohm
– Type K, R, S, B, E, J, T, N . Thermocouple
– RTD PT-100, CU-50

LB02A Multifunction Process Calibrator for Frequency RTD TC mV mA Calibration

Features Process Calibrator LB02A

  • One-time fuse, to avoid errors caused by instrument damage
  • In addition to the conventional signal input and output functions, there are resistors, Pt100, cu50 thermal resistance, 8 kinds of thermocouple, frequency signal input and output, can output, measure negative temperature, powerful
  • Thermal resistance, resistance output to the external excitation current sensitivity is reduced.
  • Improve the output and measurement accuracy, and at the same time for constant current and non-constant current resistance measurement, to expand the use of the instrument
  • All functions are all switched using internal electronic switches
  • V, mV, mA, Ω, Hz output input corresponding to the button, easy to operate\
  • Two plug terminals, segment code LCD display is clear, the display area is large
  • Built-in high-capacity polymer lithium battery, high security


Output signal:

  • Voltage signal (0-11V)
  • mV signal (0-100mV)
  • Current signal (0-24mA)
  • Resistance signal (20-400Ω)
  • Frequency signal (100-10KHz)
  • Thermocouple (E K B R S T J N)
  • Thermal resistance (Pt100 Cu50)

Measurement signal:

  • Voltage signal (0- ± 30V)
    2.mV signal (0- ± 150mV)
    3. Current signal (0- ± 30mA)
    4. Resistance signal (0-999Ω)
    5. Frequency signal (0-10KHz)
    6. Thermocouple (E K B R S T J N)
    7. Thermal resistance (Pt100 Cu50)
    8. Dimensions: 122 * 80 * 27mm

Package include:

  • 1 x Signal generator
  • 1 x Test lead
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Bag





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