Sanwa PC7000 Digital Multimeter

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Product Description

Sanwa PC7000 Digital Multimeter

Basic Features:

  • 4-4 / 5digits 50000 count
    (Selectable 5-4 / 5 digits 500000 count for DCV)
  • Dual Display shows voltage/current and its frequency, and AC components and DC components of voltage/current
  • AC True RMS
  • Low-pass filter for variable frequency drive(VFD)  circuit
  • Current (mA / μA) %4-20mA measurement
  • Capture (peak hold) 0.8ms in duration
  • MAX, MIN, AVE recording mode
  • K type temperature -50℃〜1000℃
    Optional accessory K-AD is necessary.
    K type temp. sensor K-250PC is included as a standard accessory.
  • Frequency measurement (AC sine wave only)
  • Logic frequency measurement, duty cycle measurement
  • Conductance measurement
  • Dual display with backlight
  • Data hold, Range hold
  • Relative value
  • Auto power saving mode (30min.) (cancelable)
  • Optical Link USB interface (optional)

Display : numeral display 50000 & 500000 selectable, bar graph 41 segments
Sampling rate : 5 times/sec. for 50000 count, 1.25 times/sec. for 500000 count, 60 times/sec. for bar graph
Battery life : Approx. 100h (alkaline battery) at DCV range

Optional Accessories:

  • Software : PC Link7
  • Optical PC link cable : KB-USB7
  • Clamp probe : CL-20D, CL-22AD, CL33DC
  • Temperature probe : T-300PC (PC Link software is necessary.) K-8-250〜800
  • K type adapter : K-AD
  • Test lead : TL-21M, TLF-120
  • Carrying case : C-PC7
  • Clip adapter : CL-13a, CL-14,CL-15a, CL-DG3a, TL-9IC



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